Ashes in the Snow, now the movie

06 Mar

The novel by novelist Ruta Sepetys, on the theme of Stalinist repression at the beginning of Stalinism and World War II, the character Lina is deported from Lithuania to Siberia with her mother and the younger son, the novel, translated into 27 languages, is 2012, won several awards and now goes to the screens.
The film directed by Marius A. Markevicius, had several producers, among them Sepetys own, will have among other appearances: the actress Isobel Dorothy Powley, or Bel Powley of 26 years, in the paper of Lina Vilkas, Lisa Loven Kongsli like Elena Vilkas, Sophie Cookson as Ona, Sam Hazeldine as Kostas Vilkas, Peter Franzén as Commander Komarov, Martin Wallström as Nikolai Kretzky and others.
As important as the theme of repression is the artistic resistance of Lina, who placed her separated from the family in another prison camp struggling to survive documenting her experience with artistic notes and waiting for her messages to reach her father’s prison camp separate from her, so you know she’s alive.
She risks everything, waiting for her messages in art to reach her father’s prison camp and she hopes her messages will arrive and console her.
Sepetys decided it was more important to write a novel of fiction than a documentary of more than a dozen people he interviewed, this would make it easier for the survivors to talk to her without fear.
The film premiered January 19 and the photography, costumes and art look very good:


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