The binary and the trinitarian

15 Mar

If we escape the logic of Being and Not-Being, a practically natural path is the Trinitarian, that is, Being-is, not-being is also and thus we have opposed the principle of the excluded third of which Aristotle speaks, and French thinker Florent Pasquier recalls this forgotten principle now broken.
Along with philosophy, physics has also broken this principle, since going from A to B at any point in the universe has to pass through an intermediate point C, quantum physics has shown that this phenomenon is possible, denied by Einstein and colleagues, and for this reason it became known as EPR (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) phenomenon, but this “tele-transport” has already been proven.
But when it comes to human nature and its complexity, the problem is more complex, because what it means to speak of non-being, in present day means the denial of cultures, of individuals, of doctrines and even of methods, the affirmation of the Being, the negation of millenarian cultures existing on the whole planet, and the delimited vision of an eschatology (vision of the beginning and the end) can lead to an affirmation of the Self before different cultures, making non-Being practically impossible and dialogue a act of hypocrisy, one does not accept the different.
Dualism is fixed in mind and body, even worse in a contradictory and non-complementary way, but there is a third excluded which is the spirit, part almost metaphysical, and little material that results in a new communicational relation, proper to the spirit, the Noon sphere.
Author of this vision of human complexity, the noosphere, Chardin explains the substantiality in the following way the spirit: “it must be represented … as an excessively impoverished and reduced substance. Marriage, let us not forget, not only transforms, not only adds, but also produces.
Each new union achieved increases the absolute amount of being existing in the Universe “(Chardin, 2006, p 108), explaining that it is not a simple” rubber “, which is the matter of the Greeks.
This union is a spiritual force, a “communion” and not just simple association, and these three realities Being, Non-Being and Other that make up this new principle without the excluded third, is the Trinitarian.
The biblical passage of Tabor (Lk 9,28b-36), simplified even by the apostles who imagined Moses and Elijah together with Jesus, was the incomprehension 

The vídeo about third excluded and transdisciplinary studies by Florent Pasquier in Brazilian Conference:


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