Distinction and difference: the modern community

27 May

The modern community was built on the liberal concepts of state and individuals, is nothing more than the concept of homeland and nation, in the sense of love of national symbols.
The concept evolved, philosopher Zigmund Bauman states that “belonging to a community means denying part of our individuality in the name of a structure set up to satisfy our needs for intimacy and the construction of an” identity “, which goes against the very concept of liquid that he developed, would this be a liquidity?
The confusion established is the difference between culture and nation, many people have cultures that go beyond a limited territory, there are people that do not even have territory, and the internet itself is often called “deterritorized”, but remain the distinction and difference.
If instead of using the word difference, in philosophy seen as one that gives importance to the study of the singularity and particularity of each person, and make a small change to the distinction that is the encounter between knowledge and visions of different worlds, we approach more gently to the concept of community, than to ignore identity.
Although one can find difference as the “determination of otherness” (Abagnano’s philosophy dictionary, for example), there will still remain a certain shadow of difference such as inequality, inequity and not the right to distinguish between peoples and cultures.
The philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Derridá treated the difference also in the sense of deconstruction, albeit with different nuances, in Deleuze’s concept, addressing two aspects of indifference, namely the undifferentiated abyss or “nothing black” and “nothing white “.
And therefore levels of differences are addressed. In the light of Derrida’s philosophy, especially in his works Margins of Philosophy and Gramatology, différance is for this philosopher who, together with deconstruction, constitutes the background of all the his thinking.
Byung Chull-Han, on the contrary, approaches that the critique of modernity is precisely the fact that everything is very similar, states that the current society: “it is the lack of energy of dialogical link. When the dialog disappears from the scene, a theater of affections appears. These are dialogically structured. They imply a denial of the different.” (HAN, 2015: 80).
It is therefore important to affirm the different, and to understand the distinction as part of the culture and the Being itself, however, there is a dialogue, as a French saying goes: “vivre the différance“.

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