The formation of the noosphere

20 Jun

In moments of the discovery of the reality of black holes, even of midimage made by composition of black hole photos, of publication of music of the universe, of the discovery of the Cave of Chaveut in which there are even three-dimensional paintings made 30 thousand years ago, it is time to understand that a new world is already unfolding beyond our vain philosophy and our skepticism.
Teilhard Chardin wrote at a time when his thinking could not be divulged: “Let us not forget that the human soul, no matter how created apart our philosophy imagines it, is inseparable, in its birth and maturation, from the Universe where it was born. In every soul God soul and partially save the whole world, summed up in this soul in a particular and incommunicable way, “this was his view of the universe.
To the pessimists, who see only the negative and the evil, Teilhard Chardin away from France, sent to China where he could not even have the consolation of a minimally organized Christian community, continued to see beyond a “Disintegrated and disordered Humanity: the multitude, the mass , where we could distinguish only ugliness and brutality, “he observed, seeing an evolving noosphere: “The progress of the Universe, and especially of the human universe, is not a competition made to God, nor a waste of the energies He gave us.
The more Man is great, the greater the Humanity will be united, conscious and lady of his strength, – the more beautiful the Creation, the more the adoration will be perfect, the more Christ will find, for mystical additions, a body worthy of resurrection. He saw through the Eucharist this human walk, though groping, towards unity and the convergence of a free, happy and fraternal humanity: “Receive, Lord, this total Host that the Creation, moved by your attraction, presents you to the new dawn.
This bread, our effort, is not in itself, I know, more than an immense degradation.
This wine, our pain, is not, alas, more than a dissolving potion.
But in the depths of this report, you have put – I am sure, because I feel it – an irresistible and sanctifying desire that makes us all shout from the impious to the faithful: “Lord, make us One!”
The Earth-Fatherland that Edgar Morin believes, world citizenship, the governance of the planet that ask for the most advanced forces of humanity, for the daily effort of all, but mainly by the Divine will be realized, this time of turbulence gradually, by the living forces of humanity, will return to the path of justice and fraternity.
CHARDIN, Teilhard. The Divine Milieu, 1 st. 1957, SP: Cultrix, 1981.


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