Baroque and its expressions in the arts

25 Jul

The manifestation of the Baroque took place mainly in the fine arts, music and literature, each of these spheres expressing in a particular way the fusion between the taste for earthly things and salvation by faith, different from the Renaissance statement that affirmed human and human values. Enlightenment who tried to abolish the questions of faith with the “sapere audi”.
There are several possible views, but generally those who see the faith as a single argument criticize dualism with human values, while anthropocentric Enlightenment will criticize a “return” to religious values.
Still life, is precisely the counterpoint with the Enlightenment of “domain of nature”, today we can see the ominous consequences of the imbalance of this proposal with the possibility of the exhaustion of natural sources of life, including water and air.
The consequences of this period in the religious field were wars provoked by schisms and religious intolerance, the so-called 30-year war (1618-1648) is in fact a general way of talking about wars of European nations that emerged from 1618 until the Westphalia treaty where principles of “tolerance” were traced.
The main criticism is excess, preciousness or exaggeration in forms, to which the Brazilian artist Iole de Freitas answers: “Baroque does not mean excess, but an overflow of form and a flow of energy”, where faith and reason can be conjugate.
Two interesting cases are the post-Renaissance poet Giambattista Marino (1569-1625). whose work was also criticized for preciousness, and pre-Renaissance artist Piero dela Francesca (1415-1492), that also works on perspective and human faces were studies that influenced renaissance and there is also a certain geometric “preciousness” in it.
The influences on art and culture of various authors can be understood as a flow of energy, as Iole de Freitas says.
Iole de Freitas’s untitled work (photo) of 2011, as well as almost all of his work, are good representatives of this flow.


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