The Truths and Myths of Deep and Dark Web

01 Oct

The internet is the physical medium that emerged in the 70’s, and after 1990 it became a layer of code over the internet that makes content data available to users, at the beginning of Web 2.0 it also became available for content production. by users.
The Deep and Dark Web are hidden parts of the Web where only through specific networks one can access them which are i2P, Freedom, Osiris and a few others.
The best known is the Onion network, which precisely resembles the layers of the onion whose interior are layers and layers that do not reach a core, it has a special Router which is the TOR (The Onion Router), which even without specific knowledge can if you use them, but only the deep web, the dark web is harder to access and has many pitfalls.
Recorded Future says it does not represent 1% of the Web, which does not mean that there are no serious crimes and dangers in these digital environments.
These environments where anonymity is important make it a much more delicate task to investigate crime and danger to users, and care must be taken not to damage data, facilitate crime and even damage equipment.
In the count of domains accessible to the Recorded Future site found less than 0.005% were “live” sites, I mean they were used someday, but the content is disabled.
Of the 55,000 Onion network domains found, only 8,400 had something active (15%), so the popular iceberg metaphor (pictured) is not very true, as the visible part is much larger than the submerged one.
Today there are 200 million unique and active surface web domains, while Onion network sites by the number presented, which makes it 0.005% the size of the World Wide Web, according to the study presented.
Thus the benefit caused by the Web is vastly greater than the dark side, which being a crime must be investigated and fought.
The serious cultural, human and social crisis we are going through has a connection with all media and media, but it is not the Web that is a great evil, the great crisis. 


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