AI and the Great Leap Forward

02 Oct

The People’s Republic of China made its great cultural revolution from 1958 to 1962, led by President Mao Zedong and the goal was to transform the agrarian economy into an industrial and collective society, that is, the fact that China appears today on the world stage took 70 years. , but many flaws were concealed in fraudulent reporting, concealment of worker oppression, and did not foresee that mass emigration from the countryside could affect Chinese agricultural production, and official data omitted millions of deaths in the “Great Chinese Hunger” that was just this year. At the time of the “cultural revolution”, but they were smart to blame Mao, the historical facts deserve further analysis, of course it was not that simple.

Now a German documentary promises a new “Big Leap Forward”, the video quickly and already has over 135,000 views, Germany would be planning with China a new leap, no doubt China is a great partner for any big nation. .

Already there are algorithms for early cancer detection, prediction and control of Parkinson’s disease, now what analysts want to know is the ability of algorithms to interfere with the economy, control and predict potential disasters, and the documentary travels through breakthroughs in the US, China and the United States. Europe.

According to the documentary one of the ways to record data now will be sound and video making data production faster and more realistic, this will make the world of work more agile and dispense with superfluous activities and professions and what machines can do them.

Also in the field of risk and investment everything will be safer, so loans will have cheaper interest and money goes to actions that can help the economy.

The issue is not only of capitalist interest, but a look at China, the motto itself is the one adopted there, there is an analysis of Joseph Ball, an English socialist activist, who realistically analyzes.

The documentary link is presented below.


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