Liquid thinking and hope

25 Nov

Liquid thinking is the result of uncritical reading by various authors, and especially Bauman, so I use this concept, since its readers generally read (if they read it) their main book, which is Liquid Modernity, could read beyond it. e.g. Bruno Latour.
They are precisely the result of what they criticize, because superficial or insufficient, they take concepts and hasty formulations of what should be taken seriously, such as what modernity really is, Latour explains a little, who were the thinkers, the politicians? and social groups that have brought modernity to this dramatic moment, it is this structural or particular moment.
It answers little profound questions: idealism, neologicism and existential crisis (suicide is in many places already an endemic problem today), are on the surface of creating new concepts without at the same time deepening them, the concept of liquid serves well. this.
The point is to analyze why this crisis has returned to its starting point of the “civilizing process” which is nationalism and the strengthening of conservative social forces, liquidity considers it a process in which the most “primitive” and “tribal” societies are the late part of this.
Thus confused with the more conservative forces of society, while seeking alliances and supportive forces in the transforming forces of society, they consider “wasted lives” all those personal humblings that perform essential social functions, only earn little or live on the periphery, look at it. socially “invisible” as “wasted”.
Finally their thinking is not universal, they may use beliefs, dogmas or even prejudices that they seek to hide, but which essentially is proper to a thought “within the walls”, although it is thought or intended to be outside them, is an intellectual wall of depth.
Because it is shallow, it tends to be useless or authoritarian, what it calls dialogue is monocratic discourse or any questioning or conversation allowed.
The hope that society has for a freer and more democratic future, fairer and without false promises, a safe way forward will succumb to the lack of solidity and maturity of this kind of conservative thinking, although it is ashamed of it.


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