Other people’s dialogues and peace

27 Nov

The rapid pace of change we are experiencing in various fields of social life is the subject of apocalyptic and ufanists, the former say that everything is lost and the latter that no change has already happened, curiously this discourse unites technophobes and technophiles.
Perhaps technological change has something to do with all this reality, but even simplistic analysis of history notes that problems such as consumerism, individualism, nihilism, and totalitarian tendencies date back at least a century, and thus from a time when technology , especially digital, was still distant and idealized.
The second fact of the reality that is denied is polarization, there are also two very serious misconceptions in these analyzes, the denial of polarization seen with a process of “politicization” that is just the opposite, and the negation of alternatives, dramatically justifying the scenario without seeing alternatives other than confrontation.
For the two alternatives is the biblical passage (1 Thes. 5: 3). “When men say,” Peace and safety! Then destruction will come upon them suddenly, as pains upon a pregnant woman, “but the question is, would there be other alternatives, of course it is, and the child will be born. 
So the real war is not the one that explodes after it has already been brewed by the opposite sides, but the one that hides behind the discourses of “peace”, of “open dialogues”, because the convicted are different from those who have a clear position, are able to hear the opposite.
We even talk about Popper’s method of falsifiability, one of the great names in the philosophy of science, we still need to talk about the intransigence of the ‘enlightened’, the owners of the truth.
Even though I have read some relevant author, or seen a video of media outlets parading like wise, full of advice (and poisons) to give “simple” but dangerous solutions, they often distil the venom from their positions and convictions, but as twisted. only.
They will say to those who disagree: “arrogant”, “unfriendly” or any excuse for their lack of dialogue and openness, but it is precisely these who ferment and polarize radical groups.
Someone who wants to dialogue will always be subject to some isolation in the climate created, but only there can be solutions, paths and unsought paths to conflict.

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