The future and the changes

28 Nov

When anything is suddenly moving or changing, it generates instability, a sense of discomfort, and even anguish at first, complaining that things are out of place is seemingly clever but conservative and futile reasoning.
The current crisis is far from being just an economic crisis, because it is not only this that is changing, there are new values that emerge and there are old ones that should not be abandoned, the new ones are the acceptance of diversity and the fact that we are running out of things. Energy sources on the planet.
The former is more delicate to talk about, but it is necessary, as Edgar Morin states, to go beyond the economic, the basis of Western thinking that idealism and empiricism are crumbling and are showing signs of exhaustion, Western society and its “developmental” base.
In crisis, what is even more complicated are the millennial cultures that are profoundly different and must dialogue.
The powerlessness of knowing what happens we enter into easy discourses on a fundamentally religious or ideological basis, but they will not be a solution if the basis of these thoughts does not change, we need to dialogue and have openness to different cultures and cognitive structures. Another basis of the crisis is the bureaucratization of public and private structures, we are bombarded by the needs of the state and companies that are not the real human needs. The ecological crisis is also serious no more animals, birds and insects, pesticides kill the life forms that make up the ecosystem, and their imbalance will harm future generations.
The old thinking is disappointed and powerless, they give the future to the young because they have no answers, have a hard time listening and helping them to separate the good from the bad.
As all this the future will come with changes that must be courageous, but in dialogue with tradition, this is how great currents of thought and great cultures have emerged, which isolates is no better because it is retaining certain values, deteriorates into prejudice and illusions.
Looking at the new generations that has enough energy for change, but without warning them of the dangers of the old illusions we had, is better than having them embark on them.
Edgar Morin gave a presentation on these future dilemmas and the crises we are experiencing: 


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