The future has arrived but has not started

29 Nov

The extreme division of society that seems to put in check not only civilization and the civilizing process, there are several readings for this including apocalyptic, is actually a time that can be called eschatological, and it presupposes an advent.
In the Christian liturgy it means the end times, and the advent of Jesus’ second coming, in a broader worldview means that it is possible to think that the whole planet can go through a new process of civilizing end and an advent.
Will come a future that we do not think, or that thought in crisis was unable to unveil, the change of social bases for a new process depends and is correlated to a new way of thinking what is civilizing process, what is development and what and culture.
The concept of civilizational process explored by renowned sociologists such as Bauman and Norbert Elias, but almost the majority can be said to define what goes from a simpler civilization and social organization to a more complex one, for example tribal. to the Republican, however, they conceal prejudice and a neo-colonialist view.
To consider millenary societies, not only Western and Eastern, but also indigenous and African, while noting the roots of the Arab world, is in fact the only possibility of looking at the world as a whole and reconsidering development and culture.
What is incomprehensible and little analyzed in the current process, sometimes denounced, but without going to the bottom of the analysis of the anthropological and social issues of the themes, is to look at the migratory processes that mix people while unveiling their cultures.
These cultures are not surfacing now, they exist and they are millennial, what happened in the process considered civilizing, which in fact was colonizing and acculturating, was superimposing what until then was considered more advanced forgetting or dominating the pre-existing cultures.
We will continue to have people thrown and dying overboard, first to make the continental conquests and now to reverse the process by integrating cultures into distinct civilizing processes, but the polarization around development and the vector is questionable.
No two perspectives are open, but tens or maybe hundreds if we consider the process of fusion and at the same time separation between cultures, cathedrals living with synagogues and mosques, Buddhist temples around the world, the religious sense here just to speak of a strong aspect. of culture, but there are certainly many others: education, food, family structure and taboos, and the West does not escape this analysis.
What we have at an end of time, besides a strong catalysis whose genesis are autocratic wars, of all kinds not only those that use weapons, that make people and cultures move around the planet, the sociological vision of civilizing process does not reach these details, It is elitist.
What people and nations expect from the future has little or nothing to do with idealistic theoretical speculations, it has to do with the dynamics of the contemporary world, and in it there is already a genesis of a new world, a homeland-world as Edgar Morin wants.


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