New weather and parusia

02 Dec

Although widely used by the Christian worldview, Parusia (comes from the Greek Παρουσία) and means “presence” existing in various Christian religions and Muslim sects, also in the sense in syncretic beliefs (mix creeds) it is present.

A new time this is radically new that implies a change of time, values ​​and customs is also a Parusia, and there is usually already a new presence when “announcing” what is coming, this is the essence of “advent” in a more sense cosmic.

An important thing is that although many “prophets” emerge during these periods, a good grounded analysis of reality can “announce” Parusia.

In our globalized time, there is already the exercise of global citizenship, and communications, including new digital media, accelerate this process, if there are dangers and even exist, does not mean that the signs of a parousia are not present.

In every corner of life, from the particular to the social, from the political to the religious, in the sports field, finally in every area of ​​life there is a “discomfort”, something that is profoundly changing.

Bad readings lead to psychologism, an apocalyptic or sameness view, as philosopher Wittegenstein said, “Leave it all as it is,” but it is impossible not to perceive possible dangers and misalignments in building a future that already appears on a distant horizon.

Certainly it will be a globally more integrated life, such as similar rights for all, the end of misery and extreme poverty, the radical change of values, while observing the fundamental values ​​of life, but the crisis of thought is deep and accelerated.

The obstacles are clear, a difficulty in dialogue between tradition and change, the closure in groups to defend ways of living and ‘developing’, but what is development?

Without a necessary look at the “different”, the Other, the defense of a personal or social identity, are limitations for a new parusia, on the other hand, solidarity and fraternal values ​​in some environments grow and become potentializers of the parusia of a new time




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