Healing the Other

24 Feb

Gandhi affirmed that “one cannot hurt the other without hurting oneself”, but Carl Jung has an expanded recipe “the one who heals the other, heals himself”, in terms of the pandemic it is good to think about this, to take care of the distance, hygiene rules, etc.

Some say this will never happen to me, they are people with comorbidities, etc. yes they are in the risk group, but the pandemic now with the new strains has expanded the “risk group”, it can be said that the whole society is vulnerable.

And along with the pandemic, economies are collapsing, but the idealistic models are still there, we have the answer for so long, do not forget that they have already been tested, so it is not about this or that model, all current models are centered on “ economy ”as the center of any policy and not in the human being, this was even more valid in this crisis.

The Fukushima plant for example, there have been tremors in that region recently, it has shown new leaks, the water used to cool it will be poured into the sea and then it will go around the world now.

If we have other natural accidents, earthquakes are always happening here and there, and if they are close to other plants, and if another type of planetary crisis, other than the pandemic comes, and this is not just pessimism, it is a possibility that we all know exists .

Yes, now the problem is the disease, the source of the current blindness, it is also an extension of the cultural crisis and night of God, see the different types of religiosity that grows, the appeals and prophecies are not lacking everywhere, in my view some may to be true even, but this is not about this, but about asking how “healthy” life is going on the planet, and there comes the Other.

They said that the crisis was in the media, or in the networks, which is a very different thing, now they are the lifeline to keep in touch with the proper distance, time it wasn’t the cell phones that did this and why they don’t do it now, to keep companies and schools running , it is not so bad, the use yes.

Of course not, the loss of relationships does not depend on the means (the media) that we use, and putting ourselves in a network is even better, now it seems clearer to put ourselves first in front of those closest to us, take care of and take care of them, things that we remember being asked by our grandparents, who seemed closed and backward, but they knew what it meant to be close, to be loving and to be faithful.

Saving the economy even if people die, that is the foundation of a world where, at bottom, the economy that everyone was concerned about, maybe a minority really thought about the well-being and balance of life lived in essence, without luxury and with a certain “comfort”.

Remember that the Greek oeconomicus was about the domestic economy and agriculture, it is true that the economy has evolved a lot, but it shouldn’t have lost its origins, organizing people’s “domestic” economy and producing food, it seems essential in this crisis.

We don’t just have to heal ourselves, we need to heal and care for the other, so our medical heroes teach us, because the consequences will be for everyone, the discovery of this interdependence is healthy for a world that begins to close itself in authoritarian nationalisms and mentalities.


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