The Easter of Unleavened Bread to the Eucharist

01 Apr

It is true that Easter celebrated by Christians as the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, was already celebrated with the passage of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt to their promised land, today Israel, however the festival is older.

The two strongest signs of Christianity are the death of Jesus precisely in the place of the lamb that is sacrificed at the Jewish feast, remembering the lamb that was sacrificed by Abraham in the place of his son, and his resurrection on Easter day, that is, the passage to eternal life.

However, the date is older, the Jewish calendar is lunisolar, that is, it is based on the cycles of the sun and the moon, unlike the Christian who is between the autumn / spring equinoxes in the northern hemisphere, and summer / autumn in the southern hemisphere.

The feast was still celebrated in the exile of the Jewish people in Egypt, it is estimated that about 3,500 years ago, they sacrificed a healthy lamb, one year old, on a date called the 14th of nissan, for a week they consumed unleavened bread and bitter herbs, and the blood of the animal was used to mark the thresholds of the Jewish homes, so that the passing angel of death would not enter those houses.

The breads consumed in this period because they are unleavened, are called unleavened bread that give rise to the feast before Easter, on Friday the lamb is sacrificed, and should be eaten before dawn and what is not eaten must be burned.

Jesus was sacrificed just on a Easter Friday and this confirms the prophetic sign foreseen in the Bible, and on Thursday he performs the supper with unleavened bread, however, while purifying and sharing the bread and wine, he says: “this is my body and my blood ”instituting the Christian Eucharist, in which an aortic event takes place, an inorganic substance becomes organic and in this case divine, this is the consecrated host.

Christians call it transubstantiation, but our whole body, except the soul for those who believe, is also composed of inorganic substance, and in Christian eschatology the entire universe will be transformed into the body of Christ, in the view of Teilhard Chardin it has always been, because everything he is your body.

So it can be said that the future of the universe and humanity is to become all Eucharistic.



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