New wave pandemic and flu

20 Dec

Europe increased restrictions due to the advance of Covid-19, the new omicron strain is already prevalent in infections, Denmark banned agglomerations sites and the Netherlands decreed a new lockdown, the United Kingdom is already studying the resumption of movement restrictions and several European countries have resumed these measures.

There are already community cases in Brazil, that is, infections in people who have not had recent trips abroad, but seeing the external crisis, the concern must remain, and the vaccine passport, a source of crisis between the government and the judicial area, is important to maintain a barrier to the spread of the variant, which promises to be fast creating a new pandemic wave.

The H3N2 flu virus is already in 10 states in Brazil, its symptoms are: cough, nasal congestion, fever and muscle pain, but it can be confused with other diseases including covid. responsible for the infection, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most affected by the flu, there are 20 thousand infections and 5 deaths, Alagoas and Bahia also registered deaths.

Although the flu vaccine does not work for this new strain, it is important to take it because it increases immunity, as they were designed for H3N2, but the variant present in Brazil called Darwin escapes this immunity.

Although there is controversy about these data, they seem exaggerated, the Ministry of Health reported that 67.9 million doses of the flu vaccine were applied in the country, this would represent a vaccination coverage of 71.2% of the target audience of the campaign.

Another recent case that was a crisis between the government and the judicial area is the application of the Pfizer vaccine to children, the least vaccinated part of the population, approved and recommended by doctors. in a legal imbroglio because the STF went into recess.



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