Power and service to peoples and nations

09 Mar

Wars bring out the worst in humanity, but they also bring the best: solidarity, the greater desire to live in peace and respecting individual, collective and cultural rights of all peoples.

When the logic of power is dominated by a non-humanist vision, it seeks personal or group interests, the idea is just to submit the other by force and conquer more power, there is no predominance of the idea of ​​leading and serving the people who need it most. of aid, your nation and all humanity by extension and respect.

The logic is one of force, and the logic of force taken to the extreme leads to war, to personal conflict, of peoples, nations, cultures and personal interests only without a reasonable collective rule.

There are also true leaders and people who really want to serve, not only because of their generous spirit, but because of the courage, the determination that can only come from human and social values, there are even those who think about the preservation of cultural heritage, animals, in short, everything. .

The principle of self-determination of peoples, in which each nation, cultural or religious group has the right to exist and the freedom to exercise its values, of course does not include non-values ​​of extermination or intolerance towards the principles of other cultural groups, because these serve only the power and the autocrats who lead them.

There are people who think of peace and solidarity even in war (photo Russian soldier who did not fight receives food and sends an emotional message to relatives).

We have warned in several posts of the ongoing civilizational crisis, with the war some aspects become clear, but without the enlightenment of the individual conscience it is difficult to understand the ways in which the logic of war, intolerance and discrimination advances, each one must reflect about this.

There is no lack of people and groups that adhere to this type of thinking and reasoning, when power becomes exacerbated it becomes clearer, but there are micropower structures where these values are manifested.

Thus, there are structures of hatred, intolerance, and, ultimately, war, which puts life, values ​​in check and can even put civilization itself in danger, like nuclear weapons.


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