Covid 19 data is ignored

30 May

For more than a month, data on deaths have not dropped and are again above 100 deaths per day in the moving average, while the moving average of known cases has already risen significantly in Brazil (see graph), although worldwide there is already a drop sensitive.

The monkeypox with still small numbers frightens by the rapid expansion worldwide.

The problem is that if there is no fight against the circulation of the virus, which is less lethal, it is possible that the disease will remain, similar to what happens with smallpox in overalls where the fact that there was no effective policy to combat it while it was in regions of Africa.

The health policy problem is that if there is a surprise of a new variant, we run the risk of going back to square one in the fight against the pandemic, it is clear that this is not on the horizon, but several experts have already pointed out the mutating capacity of the virus.

It is a consensus among the most responsible experts that only the WHO can decree the end of the Pandemic and the concern of the world body is still to keep the alert, although it sees the numbers fall and proves the information with the numbers that the World Organization has.

We are learning to live with this data, but care is getting less and less, for example, the use of masks seems to be too much exaggeration, there are people who stop and question those who use them, another important thing is closed environments and necessary coexistence places such as markets.

Maybe we should also be careful with allergies and colds that we’ve never been very careful about, but public education and clarification can be important.

It is a fact that we must incorporate new habits and care into our daily lives.



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