A new piece in the war: Iran

24 Oct

The presence of the Iranian military in Russia has opened a new alert to NATO countries, but also the deployment of anti-aircraft batteries from Germany and the training of Ukrainian soldiers in France open new war fronts in Ukraine.

The attacks in Ukraine were not only carried out by missiles, but also the Iranian drones of the Shahed-136 type, which are triangular and measure 3.5 m, capable of carrying up to 36 kg of explosive charge and also dribble or confuse anti-aircraft radars due to their large number.

Iran denies sending drones, but the presence of the military in Crimea has been confirmed by NATO intelligence, and European Union countries are already threatening sanctions, but the dependence on oil in the current Russian gas crisis is immense, and a closure of the Persian Gulf would have a bombastic repercussion on the European economy and, as a domino effect, on the world economy.

In a context of American conflict in the region, the fact becomes even more serious, it is not necessary to destroy an aircraft carrier to put it out of combat, just hit a part that causes some inclination and it will already be out of combat, and Iran has nuclear weapons.

It is also necessary to remember that we are less than a month away from the World Cup, which will be in a country in the Persian Gulf, the last one in Russia took more than 700 thousand people, it is believed that in Qatar it is likely to reach one million tourists from all over the world.

It also marks the beginning of the European winter, and the war on European soil has no sign of a truce in sight, on the contrary, it undergoes a dangerous escalation.

Peacekeeping forces are lacking, countries and political forces capable of leading a peace crusade are lacking, the situation is quite dangerous and few realize the gravity.



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