The nature of joy

04 Jan

This is the name of the second chapter of the book “live with joy” by Anselm Grün, the idea of ​​something physical (nature) of joy seemed strange, but from the beginning the author quotes Aristotle, who sees in joy the fullness of life, as “an energy that drives and awakens life in people”, and thus “those who feel inner joy in what they do, this one obtains, at work, the joy of life” (page 15).

Thus he removes the purely spiritual alveolus to incarnate it “it is the expression of a life in which we deal with the difficulties that arise and develop all the capacities that God has given us” (p. 16).

Psychologist Verena Kast mentions that she defines it as an “elevated emotion”, textually “animates us, stimulates us, gives us a certain lightness, and also generates unity between people” (pgs. 16-17).

Psychologist Verena observed this in many therapies, and in her I found a definitive vision of nature, according to Verena the decisive condition for joy is “to be absorbed in an act, in an activity, in a moment” (p. 17).

After developing the state of joy, as something that “we don’t even realize”, she observes that joy has a healing power: “the question is to know why we tend to pay more attention to the sadness than to the joys we have” (page 18), and points out that one of the factors may be the excessive attention given by parents as children, so we are saddened to “get attention”.

Finally, remember that it is healthy and sensible to assume positive attitudes, both remembering past joys and obtaining them in our life here and now.

Laughing even in difficult situations is not an alienated attitude, but a proactive one.


Grün, Alselm (2014) Viver com Alegria (Life with joy). Brazil, Petrópolis: Vozes.



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