Obstacles to joy

05 Jan

Certainly the opposite of joy is sadness, but the problem is not the certainty that we will have many difficulties and sadness in life, the problem is not knowing how to deal with it.

Several psychologists point out that the problem with current family education is not letting the children or relatives or even aggregates that make up the contemporary family circle learn to deal with the loss, obstacles and sadness of life, I remember my father who on his deathbed death asked about a son who had not yet come to see him, only later left in peace.

In Anselm Grün’s book he recommends reading “Happy John” (Hans im Glünck) by the Grimm Tales (Cinderella, The Little Thumb, Hansel and Gretel, etc.) where the character expresses that he does not need gold, strength or despite the success of the work, when he lost the stones he was sharpening scissors in a well, the last thing he had left, he jumped for joy and thanked God for the grace to get rid of those stones.

My second annual purpose book “The new Vicky syndrome” by Theodore Dalrymple, which talks about European barbarism, also points to a cultural background of unhappiness, now social, in readings he does on dating sites, they arose because people are trapped in small universes, although they are in crowds at concerts, parties and nightclubs (note that it is not specific to the virtual world, as some authors indicate), they will eagerly look for a way out of the illusion on social networking sites.

Among several essays, the author cites two cases of Muslims, a man and a woman who, when describing the type of people they are, say this: “I am a distracted and relaxed guy. I’m quite sarcastic and I have a great sense of humor. Sometimes I’m a child, but I know when I have to be serious. I believe we have our ups and downs, but we should try to see the best in people… I like to get in my car and go… Keep up with the changes in the world. I like eating out, going to the cinema, bowling, pool and cricket” (Dalrymple, p. 42), trying to be a Muslim, “trying to become a five a day” (Muslims pray 5 times a day) ), according to the author, in the United Kingdom many declare themselves religious, it is still a synonym of reliability.

Another case that he cites, on the next page, is that of a Muslim woman, who says on the website: “Hi, guys, I am a woman who likes to have fun, I have my feet on the ground and I don’t judge people”, as if I had already excuse for the posture of some Muslims of judging people (“the infidels”), but what the author wants to point out is that everyone wants to apologize for something, they are trying something and rarely define themselves, the fact of being Muslim is just an example could be any other religion, or in the case of political polarization, any ideology.

The theme of doctor and psychologist Anthony Daniels (Dalrymple is a pseudonym) is the malaise of culture and the adherence of intellectuals to a certain type of barbarism, which we will make some notes on next week, but I will link here the theme of joy, which must be and it can only be something interior at this moment in history, since a civilizing crisis reigns externally and we try to explain its reasons and foundations.

It is possible, in the midst of an individual or social crisis, to find reasons and motives to maintain joy and help humanity to find paths that lead to truth and happiness.

Dalrymple, Theodore (2016). A Nova syndrome de Vicky (The new Vicky syndrome – why European intellectuals surrender to barbarism). Trans. Maurício G. Righi. Brazil, São Paulo: É Realizações.




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