Communication, Noosphere y Corpus Christi

30 May

The idea that the universe has a soul or a spirit, (noon – mind or soul), bring new thinking about the meaning of our being, thinking that the current philosophy already hosts, as in Morin:

“The noosphere is not only the means driver / messenger of human knowledge. Also produces the effect of a fog screen between the cultural world, which advances surrounded by clouds, and the world of life. Thus, we find a paradox largest ever faced: what makes us communicate is at the same time, which prevents us from communicating. “(MORIN, 2001).

In etymological terms, religion is what the “reconnection”, ie, that which impels us to communicate with each other in the Christian meaning, what leads us to “Love one another” and that is exactly what we relink the Noosphere, in Teilhard Chardin who coined this word, it is precisely this communication Love (the uppercase agape) we “reconnected” to the Other and the entire cosmos, which to him, a Catholic priest, is the cosmic Christ, his whole cosmic body connecting everyone and everything.

So all Being ontic and the universe are connected to the Supreme Being who is the Being in essence, and just this Being that impels us to communicate, to express this “rewiring” the Other and the Cosmos.

Dreams and visions of Juliana of Liège of Belgium (1193-1258) expressed his Paraco and future Pope Urban IV, who created the date of Corpus Christi, maybe worth rereading for an idea of ​​world-society for which society moves current through the fog, and a cosmos increasingly known and mysterious at the same time.

“MORIN, E. O método 4: As ideias: habitat, vida, costumes, organização. RS: Sulina, 2001.



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