Numbers of corruption in Brasil

22 Jun

AmericaDoSulThe Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Transparency International released in 2012 the indices of the least corrupt countries in the world, at the top of the countries with greater honesty, with grades 0-10 were: New Zealand: 9 Denmark: 9.4; Finland: 9.4 and Sweden: 9.3, at the end of the list, the most corrupt were: Sudan: 1.6, Iraq 1.8, Haiti 1.8 and Venezuela 1.9.

Brazil was among the reprobate, in place with 3.8 and among our neighbors Uruguay and Chile are in 20th. and place, and the reprobate Argentina with 3.5 in place and Paraguay with 2.5 in 150th. place.

According to Transparency Brazil, through academic adviser in estimated and updated for inflation, but only cases in recent years were calculated:

When  Who (R $ millions) How many (R$ mi)
Mafia tax (SP) Fiscal 1998-2008 public tax 18
Federal Chamber  55  ? – 2005 Federal Members 55
Ambulances (Sudam) 1998-1999 Senate 214
Razor in the Flesh 2007  PAC plan and other 610
Dwarves budget 1989-1992 Federal Members 800
TRT – Court work of São Paulo 1992-1999 Nicolau-Lalau 923
Banco Marka 1999 Central Bank 1800
Vampires Ministry of   Health 190-2004 Ministry of Health 2400
BANESTADO (Paraná State) 1996-2000 684 employees 42000
Total (R$ millions) 48820

It is believed that these cases were ascertained can double or even quadruple, according to the Association of the Servants of the Court of Rio Grande do Sul, and the vast majority of those involved are not arrested, the money was not returned and it is for this very political reasons.

According to a survey of FIESP (Industrial Federations of São Paulo), per capita income in Brazil increase by 15.5% without corruption, and could be of $ 9000 (£ 18,000 actual) value or the middle class receives, ie, beyond corruption is no concentration of income.
The recent case of the gaff Carlinhos Cachoeira, which involves the contractor Delta, continues with comings and goings, and only your accountant stuck.

Everyone politicians will the TV saying that that protests are right, then are fair culprit: the butler.


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