Growing social words in manifestations

24 Jun

Unfortunately some groups fell free pass as is the case in São Paulo, but the people in the streets will keep fighting, because structural changes are necessary in the country.

The curve of interest in issues of corruption and posts on Facebook and Twitter show the growth of motivation around the subject.

In several demonstrations across the country it was already present,Corrupção should now be new leaders able to understand the popular yearning for change and a real fight against corruption, as the parties involved have no interest and blocking the changes.

Facebook link “contracorrupção”, 620 135 had already tanned and 1,802,063 people were talking about it.
The blog of Rachel Ricuero, brazilian expert in m, analyzes the change of axis through tweets, and for its easy analysis of the networks realize that these shafts were changing over development of manifestations, now with greater emphasis on the changes country, as was to be expected.


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