Brazilian manifestations have already won

27 Jun

The Brazilian Congress which usually takes for analysis and response to popular questions, toppled on ProtestoBrTuesday the Proposed Constitutional Amendment 37/2011 (called PEC-37), which would limit the powers of investigation of the Public Ministry, became the heinous crime of corruption target and 25% of oil royalties to 75% for health and education.

All this done within 24 hours, has also spoken to postpone parliamentary recess scheduled for July, a congressional amendment that usually stretches holidays and vacations.

Norma Cavalcanti, President of the National Association of Members of Public Prosecution, attributed the victory to the Brazilian people in parliament. “Of course the people strengthened the cause and helped topple the PEC 37,” he said.
The vote of the PEC-37que controversy would be obtained before: 430 votes against and 9 in favor and 2 abstentions.
Twitter was celebrating the hashtags: #VemPraRua, # OgiganteAcordou, #PorUmBrasilMaisJusto, #SemViolência MudaBrasil, #Urnas2014, #ForaCorrupção, #InvestirEducação, #InvestirSaúde, #InvestirSegurança, # DignidadeJa of course and many others.

But the hashtag # protestobr brought a new one collaborative map information where they can be placed on a map giving the number of actions in demonstrations.


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