British and American intelligence are criticized

28 Jun

Cases recently revealed that Google, Yahoo, Apple and Facebook carry various forms of espionageEspionagemWeb in the accounts of users who are still reverberating in the world, now the initiator of the Web Tim Berners-Lee ruled stating that “things that happen on the Web are intimate”, claiming the right to privacy.

While the demonstrations erupted in Brazil, the British newspaper The Guardian and the american The Washington Post reporting cases of the reach of the U.S. government surveillance on international communications networks, it would be only for “security” as a spy in Germany.

According to the newspapers, one spy program called PRISM (abbreviation for Project Integration Sustainable Methods), were used by agents of the National Security Agency U.S. (NSA) to have direct access to the servers of a series large companies that manage private communications networks on the web.

Outrage and national and international debate on the issue of privacy on the Internet is opened, while the Obama administration has seen its popularity fall.


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