Prices will fall ebooks

20 Jul

It was my prediction from the beginning, but with attempts to trusts, with the lobbiesPrecoAgo of publishers to push through legislation free access and especially the prices of tablets and e-readers this trend has been delayed, but is a matter of time.
Think the first ebook reader appeared in 2004 and was Sony, the Kingle came only in 2007, the first tablet iPad came only in 2010 (when I started the blog), so technologies are still very young, but the trend is already visible on some data.
According to an article by Jeremy Greenfield at Digital Book Wold, the average 25 bestseller charts in the last six months of last year, fell by an average of $ 11.37 to $ 8.23​​, according to the graph.
The article states that took control of the discounted titles of some of the largest publishers in both the Amazon with Barnes & Noble (there are others as well) have been lowering the price of bestselling titles, and fell from $ 14.99 to 12 $ 99 until arriving at the lowest points, sometimes below $ 5.

Already there are companies like Zola and Smashwords, which allow communities and platforms organize authors and readers, connecting them with editors, marketing professionals, and librarians.



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