Real stage of Artificial Inteligence (AI)

22 Jul

The term was created to develop programs and related activities that could create through computing methods to create logical “reasoning” in Computer.
Recently, a team of University of Illinois at Chicago in the United States (news), set out to find outIA where is this progress and trying to compare it to the man.
Using methods that would make any human being, use an artificial intelligence system, the ConceptNet4 which was developed by the brightest minds in the field at MIT, and applied a test called WPPSI known test for children to see that “age” would have the computer , and although it fared well with objective questions, had enough work with questions that had “whys”, ie, those that call essay.
According to Robert Sloand, there is also another interesting fact: “If a child finished the test with this degree of variation,” the researcher said that “this could be a symptom that something is wrong,” ie, the machine is still only machine and man is that it operates.
The conclusion is that for “intelligence” based only on the machine in operation, assigning meaning to things is still very bad and although we Smartphones smart and even smart watches, but Robocop (robot soldiers, played by Schwarzenegger) are fantasy.
Incidentally, luckily the police are human beings and as such can differentiate between a person who manifests peacefully for their rights and opportunists who want to take advantage of the manifestation of discontent with the mismanagement of public affairs in this country.
This is because the growing discussion on the role of policemen in demonstrations across this country (Brasil).


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