Digital art in Brazilian Winter

24 Jul

In addition to the World Youth Day and the presence Arte Digitalof the pope, the Rio de Janeiro has other attractions.

In the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro is held the Festival SESC Rio Winter 2013 with unpublished works and themes, combining art and technology.
Her artists and researchers transform the traditional look and integrate new technologies in various expressions of art such as photography, sculpture and painting.

The exhibitions are held in Petrópolis and Nova Friburgo, but especially exposition  SESC Quitandinha in the imperial city, is the show ‘Exposure FILE – Casino’, making a reference to the casino that worked on site.

The exhibition includes installations / sculptures digital interactive Brazilian and foreign artists that depict the current poetics of the technological arts.

Another is the “Art + Technology | perceptions | meanings” is the SESC Teresopolis, which seeks more interactive aspect with the aim of bringing the innovations of public art.

In Nova Friburgo are works of researchers and teachers UFRJ Guto Nobrega and Malu Fragoso, Wherefore called “Contemporary spectra”.

The exhibition runs until August 25.


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