Security and privacy in Social Networking

02 Aug

Security and privacy are not the same thing, actually often safe (governments and companies want)PrivacidadSegurança can work against privacy, see the case Snowden.

The security fundamentally depends on the companies that provide social networking and governments here do not exclude anyone, we should recognize the rights of citizens.

The right to privacy is some of all human life, not just social networks, ever thought of someone opening a letter from you, even if someone in the family?

The privacy in social networks is old, two years ago, the social networking users had a choice of cryptographic key called TLS (Transport Layer Security), which can be clearly seen with the appearance of “https” in the Web address, URL browsers.

TLS is the successor to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), it is a system key “public” encryption to ensure more privacy in data exchange on both ends of the connection.

All who work in the area are aware that there is much work to do, but the first users to be aware that they have to maintain your privacy, organizing publication criteria and visibility of your messages and then using appropriate techniques.



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