Marco Civil: Liberty and security

07 Aug

The project Marco Civil (PL 5403/01) which should Blogset this month to regulate the Internet in Brazil, will progress as neutrality, which means that providers can not discriminate traffic between ordinary users and businesses.

But the American paranoia that sees a world in permanent war (just close by 12 embassies terrorist threat), and among Ace disclosures Snoewden, back now the subject of dictatorship “National Security”, “National Sovereignty”, etc..

There is no excuse for the U.S. government invasion of privacy of citizens who have no criminal proceedings against them, which, however we think that the state is not national or must care for private data, just have a database in Brazil does not solve the problem which is what they do with the data.

Expounded in two previous posts the differences between security and privacy, all want security, but we must be against any invasion and privacy that is not justified by any judicial discretion fairly clear.

Unfortunately this involves a vision of “sovereign” is the term that pushes the word sovereignty, which is the liberal thought of the early modern period, we need to respond and neither Marco Civil responds, is what rights and duties of the state, not just the citizen who is the subject of “democratizing democracy”.



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