Google makes internet failure fall 40%

20 Aug

In last Friday between the hours of 20h37 and 20.48 (GMT), all Google services suffered an outage.: Gmail, Drive, Maps and clear the search, the company said in a statement that lasted “between one and five minutes .

Google said on your page that, during the period of interruption, “50% to 70% of requests Google received” error messages, but the service was corrected after four minutes and was restored to most users on a minute.

According to the company GoSquared there was a 40% drop in global internet traffic thatGoSquare night and studied showed that, after the fall of a few minutes, internet traffic soared logos after restoration.

During the fault, according to the Google page, “50% to 70% of requests Google received error messages”, but did not report the source of the failure.

The failure showed how the internet is still fragile and the possibility of even temporary damage is not a fallacy.


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