Particles, the universe and digital signals

22 Aug

In the early twentieth century, the physicsMatériaEscura2 model that is something we might call today the rigid bodies and low-speed, low compared to the speed of light, which became for quantum physics an important reference because it was she who changed our vision of mass and matter, creating a physical micro-particles that revolutionized even the way of thinking and it is important to understand the ‘information’ outside man.

All we can tell, all the model we have today of the whole universe is connected to this physical and she is about to meet a single model: the micro-particles, including photons particles and electro-magnetic waves in a single model, called Standard Model of Physics, the discovery of the Higgs particles or Particle of God in recent experiment done in the particle accelerator at the borders of France to Swizerland it helps this model.

But we must understand that this model corresponds to only what we understand as matter, that this is most stable part of the universe, and physicists call baryonic matter, even though 22% of this it is a “dark matter” (baryonic and non-baryonic) , and there are still a matter totally unknown, but acting on gravitational attraction, which is called dark energy, which permeates the darkness of space.

This information model profoundly influenced the thought of Claude Shannon, a young student who worked on the influence of Norbert Wiener, father of cybernetics, and Vannevar Bush, both his professors at MIT, and which work very close in the late 30.

Later meet up with Alain Turing and then begin to develop this information model “quantized” who wrote in 1948 “The mathematical theory of communication, prefaces by Warren Weaver, and Wherefore sometimes called theory of Shannon-Weaver.

Shannon’s theory was essential to provide treatment “digital signals” analog for it some times is seen as a theory of digital signals and not information.


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