Apple and Samsung are showing profits

24 Aug

It was determined that in yesterday a U.S.A. court for applexsamsungrefusal of a patent lawsuit, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington reversed a lower court decision that forced both companies to reveal only parts sales and profits.

Because of the patents, the two companies has faced around the globe since 2011, with the apex trial occurred last year in San Jose, California, when the jury had awarded to Apple more than $ 1 billion, but after judge Kucy Koh, backtracked and opened a new trial.

The decision was then Koh against both companies, since the public interest is greater than the rights of companies keep information secret, and the decision of the Court of Appeals was made ​​unanimously.

“We recognize the importance of protecting the public interest in litigation and facilitate the understanding of such procedures,” decided the body of the court, reaffirming: “this interest, however, does not extend to mere curiosity about confidential information between parties, where the information is not definitive decision on the merits. ”

As would be nice if the public interest to private prevalesse always defedendo people.


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