USP and Unicamp educational-videos

29 Aug

The State University of Campinas-Unicamp was developed eAulasan educational project  e-Unicamp aimed at boosting the use of technologies to “disseminate knowledge to all in a simple and free.”

The contents of the Portal has a Creative Commons license, conditions that are free to use and guarantee of rights is governed authors and conditions established by Brazilian Law 9.610/98 copyright in this country.

The provision, consultation and use of instructional materials available do not generate any kind of contract between the e-Portal Unicamp and who uses it.

This offer is already a global trend (as OpenSourceWare MIT) that aims to raise the profile of public institutions to the community, where their educational content of courses are offered in various formats.

The site launched on April 19 this year libre has access to what is published and made ​​available in the areas of exact materials, human and biological.

The University of São Paulo has a similar project, called e-lessons, but the use is restricted to the “Code of Ethics USP” and “Ethical Principles for the Use of Computers USP” of which the contents can be viewed at


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