New Kindle is announced

05 Sep

Amazon, the giant global online sales, and that generates many conflicts in the publishing market, announced a new device with the highest quality from their devices: the paperwhite, sense of color and light in the printed electronic device.

The advertised price is also inviting, the price of the sixth generation of the Kindle e-reader Paper, the United States will arrive on September 30 to $ 119, according to the website The Verge.

Among the new features of the device include the antireflective of sunlight and the ability to take notes in marl leaves of digital books, the long-awaited features.

Two other big news is a vocabulary list, and being able to make footnotes that appear as a pop-up, it is possible to keep active new words while reading, and is connected to a dictionary with Wikipedia X-Ray built.

Amazon recently acquired Goodreads, which is a social network for shared reading lists KindleNewand comments on them.

The new Kindle device Paperwhite, weighs 206 grams (less than the iPad mini 312 grams) with battery “lasts for weeks, not hours” as stated by the manufacturer and processor promises to be “25% faster”, we hope to give .

The American version 3G (cost U $ 189) will have a free data plan included, and the unit has 212 ppi resolution and measures 16.9 cm high and 11.7 cm in length, with 9.1 mm thick.



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