Apps for free SMS

19 Sep

I already blogged earlier this year about the growth of WhatsApp, app to send free SMS quite popular,WeChat2 which recorded more than 18 billion messages at the beginning of the year.

But now a competitor gained weight the WeChat, who claims to have reached the milestone of 100 million users and the service is already among the most popular AppStore, but is available for all platforms.

The Chinese company Tencent, says that the advertising campaign starring Lionel Messi and version 5.0 that fell in popular taste, leveraged the application.
There are some interesting differences: the feature “get people” shows a list of the closest users with whom you can talk, and you can filter the search by sex, has a role similar to that of a Walkie Talkie for two people talk, and you can also chat with video, and has almost all the features WhatssApp.

Disadvantages: the scheme to turn the conversation on PC is somewhat complicated and requires reading QR codes, have figurines similar to Facebook, but the packages are priced at $ 1.00, and the main course is the number of users it is still unpopular in Brazil, 100 million worldwide, for a network is still little.



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