Marco Civil or corporate ?

08 Nov

As we discuss security and privacy in not new Brazilian law , the right of citizens to preserve and MarcoCivilmaintain their data , disseminate their opinions and have a free internet, the corporation struggle to have privileges on the internet and priority access ( this means no internet neutral ) .

It was a great disappointment to see that corporate interests are prevailing , and that the few are powerful interests that will expand your interests : bankers , agro – business and the media owners , who abhor the growing power of social networks .

Ms Erundina was one of the few voices to defend the interests of ordinary citizens who have the right to have some voice from social networks , which leaves owners and media centering desire eager to return to a time that opinion was worth only to them, and also want to centralize media that is quintessential decentralized .

Laws in the U.S. were : ACTA , PIPA and SOPA, who tried to hide aspects and contradictions between technology and politics, democracy and freedom of opinion , now the internet .

Protesters from several states were to Brasilia to try to dialogue with MPs , including Bia Barbosa , who argues in the field of media , and said : ” Several civil society organizations across the country are in Brasilia to dialogue with parliamentarians to ensure that there is freedom of expression , privacy and net neutrality in Marco Civil “, three key issues on the Internet .


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