Rise of smartphone and WiFi

16 Nov

The rise of smartphone adoption has been rapid device market millstone stable in five years reached 1Smartphones million, now two years has reached 2 million, report of Ericson says.

The growth will continue as inexpensive models become more available in emerging markets , this market is that Motorola / Google is eyeing the Moto G, already launched in Brazil and another on price and user who did not migrate .

The data networks of the world also come to expand to keep up the demand for data that is already big plus is expanding, the problem is the connection.

But current analysis , such as the EcommerceTimes  says 90 % of the world population will be covered by WCDMA / HSPA in 2019 , i.e. WiFi network , and even more , 65 percent will be covered by 4G/LTE networks , will the Brazil too?

LTE connections in North America will surpass all other parts of the world , according to a forecast from the site , will reach 85 % coverage by 2019 .



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