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19 Nov

When Tim Berners – Lee , James Hendler and Ora Lassila inaugural paper published theLODCloud Semantic Web : new form of Web content that is meaningful to computers will unleash a revolution of new possibilities , much of the subsequent development of the Semantic Web was designed : to express meanings , knowledge representation , ontologies , intelligent agents , and finally an “evolution of knowledge.”

The article pointed out the path of ontologies as a way “natural ” for the development and add meaning to information in the Semantic Web , methodologies coming from Artificial Intelligence , which in the eyes of James Hendler ( Web 3.0 ) that passed through a “winter ” creative .

But three integrated tools just indicating a new path : ontologies helped build schemes simple organization of knowledge called ( SKOS – Simple Knowledge Organization of System) , a database for consultation with a language called SPARQL and what was already basic Semantic Web , which was the RDF (Resource description Framework ) in its simple descriptive language : XML.

The Web for a set of tools already developed as Web 2.0 , making the consumer also a producer of contents and ” semantic links ” , it now web in which data can be linked and regardless of the tool, one can think and there are already projects with “open linked data”, a self structuring Web.

The first major project was the DBpedia , a database proposed by the Free University of Berlin and the University of Leipzig in collaboration with the project OpenLink Software in 2007 , which was structured around the Wikipedia , using 3.4 billion to form concepts 2:46 of RDF triples ( resource , property and value) or more simply subject-predicate – object , indicating a semantic relation .

Around these data were added one large number of data including : data Average (in Blue), Geographical (in yellow), publications (in green), the government (light blue), crossing domains (dark blue) and life sciences (red) .



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