Web 3.0: coining words and give them meaning

22 Nov

Web is not just that I’m talking about, but also and especially of people, make sense,CunhouWeb30 especially human, the things around us requires thought and act more and more just on impulse .

On this blog I spoke earlier of the word selfie, but I have already spoken of Instagram and ordinary people and everyday landscapes that go through our day to day “photographic”, so too is the case of Web 3.0, or fashion trend?

John Markoff was who coined the word Web 3.0 in the New York Times , Web 2.0 has already happened , it created hundreds or thousands of applications ( Apps of considering the cell ) and included the common user as producer of information , now photos , posts , comments and ” hashtags ” are there calling our attention , but these people should ALWAYS be seen and heard , they were not.

The problem of our day to day , and also that the Web is a reflection and not an idealization of the day – to-day as some think , is that much that ” lacks ” direction , and found thousands of photos to look at , words and videos means that we need them or them offering new significance .

John Markoff suggested simple questions such as: “I’m looking for a warm place to vacation and I have a budget of $3,000. Oh, and I have an 11 year-old child”, but actually thought of business , as own title and article suggest, by example Spivak company, Radar Networks, working on the holding of the content of social computing sites , which allow users to collaborate in gathering and adding their thoughts to a large amount of contents, travel movies.

But Web 3.0 now seems to be finding its way , projects like DBpedia and VIAF ( Virtual International authorit File) are indicating a more social than technical , although it may contribute to this, there is still a way in this ” construction ” .



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