Characteristics of Generation Z

26 Nov

GenerationZ or Generation Millenium , are those born in the late 90s and early 2000´s, are the children of Generation X, people bornGeraçãoZ in the late ’60s, they were sons of the silent generation ( of war ) and baby boomers ( baby boom after the war ) and generation Y , who are young parents of ” connected ” generation.

This is the first generation that was born fully connected , since the Web was born in the 90s and saw the Millennials born, so it can be said that
it was “through migrant”.

Generation Z are known as digital native , I mean born on a planet already  connected with use of the World Wide Web , file sharing , smartphones
and gadgets that make all connected all the time .

We found the other fast-moving world , but for them without it all gets a  bit too tedious , they feel comfortable with television, radio, telephone, music and Web, another characteristic of this generation is the concept of the world, for  they have no boundaries , it is now possible to travel, meet people and countries without a high cost .

The information will not be lacking , but begin to be selective too early, because they are focused on adapting to his time  and like all other  generations also like to break prejudices and concepts ( ie not specific to this generation , no! ) .

There are two paradoxical concepts of this generation , those who say they  are ” dumbest generation” and those who say they are exceptional and  fast in concepts.  As I said in another post ( see my blog) I think the first misconception .

I think those who think the first hypothesis does not believe and has no  hope of something new , a new arrival will depend youth .


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