Informational nutrition

27 Nov

Like most people today eat badly information , confuse this phenomenon with the advent ofDistractedMind the Internet and then the web application (is just an application on internet) .

The phenomenon of the information , as we highlight in another post , predates the internet and long before the Web , the question of the abundance of information was already studied in the 40s and an important aspect of this book is ” Information Anxiety ” Wurman .

But the appearance was worsened with technology , and Professor Larry Rosen of California State University and is a researcher of the ” psychology of technology” , states that the average attention span of many people now , is only 3 to 5 minutes then get distracted and fail to finish what they started .

Like an immense table all sorts of food in Brazil characteristic of self -service , but around the world can be thought of as a beautiful Christmas table , you should not eat everything and can get sick if you do this .

For information is the same thing, then we need to select what, how much and how we ” feed ” of information , and this is what I call “informational nutrition.”

According to Dr. Adam Gazzaley , who wrote The Distracted Mind the brain may seem limitless in its potential , or limitations such as processing speed , attention limits , limitations on work, sensitivity to interference . Both external , and internal .

Clarifies the book , there has been an explosion in the variety and diversity of electronic media . Portable devices can provide maximum information from a computer , he then asks the questions :
• Have you ever worked on a document while listening to a song and had to open an email ?
• Have you ever watched television while surfing the web and receiving text messages ?

The various media devices that children use both , may be even higher than adults , and this kind of behavior is not going away anytime soon.

But this can influence our cognitive capacity and performance of our brain , the book tells how to control these issues .



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