Networks, yes we are talking about people

29 Nov

We did the two previous posts to do a quick analysis of what is , in my view,YouAreNotGadget the most profound and consistent critic of the Internet and Web, Jaron Lanier , co -founder of Wired and author of “You are not gadget”  (I start with the translation error em portuguese  Welcome to the future : a humanistic vision the future of technology) .

The center of criticism of Lanier can be found on page 92 , stating : “History attests that collectivist ideals can grow and become a large social scale ” , to then cite fascists and communists who began a small number of revolutionaries , ie , for it is what is happening with the digital world .

But networks have always existed in human history , and all the critics think that the network is a network tool on the Web (which is just a web application ) and not stop to think that networks are people , and that the global visibility through an electronic and digital , social media but this may have several tools : twitter , facebook and now Whatsapp is falling in love , at least the young.

Thus the network would be for him an oscillation between ciberfascistas and cibercomunistas , maybe both , but his real ideology appears to say that there is a ” ideology of violation ” referring to Wikipedia and open source , but slipped in authoritarian culture by stating : ” the multitude of free culture believes that human behavior can be modified only by involuntary means ” ( page 143 ) and then immediately shows its neoliberal belief ” they do not believe much in free agency or personhood , “where she was in the cultural industry ?

But leave your questions and more interesting questions for the end : “Is there a way to understand our story to explain what a word is and how one can know c’rebro a word ? (page 213 ) , ” there is a relationship between smell and language, this famous product of the human cerebral cortex ? ” and finally a key question ” in Chapter 2 , I argued that the following question may never be scientifically : the nature awareness ? “And states categorically : ” No experiment can demonstrate that consciousness exists “(p. 223 ) , that is the culture of objectivist author separating subject from object , almost to the point of denying (at least empirically ) the existence of consciousness , reply with two experiments which he himself proposes , the phrase :

The lngyagi ish onz coissa stranya . ( p. 218 )

Another is the experiment V. S. Ramachandran , a neuroscientist at the University of California at San Diego , called Experiment Rama, who is to decide what is kiki and yaws (page 224 ) using as a ” metaphor ” two figures , one spiny and one soft ( the words do not exist in most the known languages ​​) , is one of two figures puts thorns and other softer .

Would get better if he started the conversation poraí , needed to destroy the technology first and gives the impression of poor objectivity and subjectivity bad , and it’s tongue is what ?


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