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Innocence and politics

22 Dec

From Plato and Aristotle, through Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, and Marx, to Habermas, jesusluzJohn Rawls, Charles Taylor, and Edgar Morin and Manuel Castells,  apolitical question is fundamental and underlies every elaborate political discourse: how will we live together in society?

Little known and completing his sabbatical in Brazil, the Italian Antonio Baggio wrote about the forgotten motto of the French Revolution: the fraternity, with a good Brazilian translation.
What an innocent child born in a colony of the mighty Roman Empire might have to do with all this would have nothing if not for this “forgotten motto” of the last great civilizing revolution, since the socialist did not complete its cycle, and perhaps not Complete, but the social problems: concentration of income, ecology and now disglobalization are there.

Returning to Edgar Morin in his Earth-Country and Manuel Castells with the Information Society, a world that is seen there, but this world can elaborate forms of peaceful coexistence?

At this moment it seems like a setback, but it takes a certain dose of naivety, of love for humanity and respect for diversity, and this innocent child, this God-child has something to say, the pure and even somewhat naive look to the Other, To different can help us.

It is possible, more than this, it is necessary to create the idea of ​​a world where all can live together, and there is no other way than to respect differences, to live and to extend the heart to all.

A born child was counted among the men (it was the period of the census), then fled to Egypt, for Herod orders to kill all newborns, and later because “he loved his to the end” will be killed, but left to the world His message, his new commandment: “love yourselves as I love you”, that is to the end, even unto death.

But do not confuse one Jesus, and his politics are not to be confused with human structures, powers and passions too, one only understands fraternity if one sees oneself with fraternity brothers.


In the name of God ?

16 Dec

Some for gaining notoriety and adherence think they should speak in the namejesus of God, but if they were really attentive, the Bible would read, for example, what Ahaz stated in the text of Isaiah 7: 11-12:


“Ask the Lord your God to show you a sign, whether from the depths of the earth or from the heights of heaven.” But Ahaz answered, “I will not ask, nor will I tempt the Lord.”


Also in the wilderness, a recurring theme in troubled times today, Jesus being tempted recalls Isaiah and repeats in Matthew 4:6-7 :


“If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down. For it is written, ‘He shall give his angels charge over thee, and with their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash dash upon a stone.’ Jesus replied, “It is written, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.'”


To those who want to speak in the name of God, they must first ask themselves if they are indeed authorized to do this, I speak not only of fundamentalists but especially of those who use sacred scripture to promote their political interests of various kinds, arrogance will give them Even greater desert, the absence and silence of God.


Moses, Ahaz, Mary, and so many other biblical characters were humble, how much arrogance in the mouth of those who swear to be in the divine company.


When the angel appears to Mary and says that she will conceive a child, she becomes humble and says “let her will be done” even though she may be confused, and Joseph himself withdraws not to “dishonor Mary”; Law to stone her.


Today, how much arrogance in the name of God, are these men of God?


Is there still Christmas spirit?

01 Dec

We have explained in previous years (see the our post) that Noel appeared in thechristmas 1920s in a Coca-Cola® marketing relating Santa Claus (American Santa Claus) with Christmas, and with impressions in magazines such as Saturday  Evening Post, but it is clear that the birth of Jesus is much older, indeed dates in the years, since we are in 2016 AD, even though the measure of the years is imprecise due to the Gregorian calendar.

But this year, Trump’s election, crisis in the country with various nuances: impeachment, jet launder, crisis in Rio and with other states showing exhaustion of finances, now the tragedy with the team of the city of Chapecó (Brazil), there would still be climate for the true Christmas spirit, peace and justice, solidarity with the peripheries (now also existential), or are we in “depression”?

Remember that the year that Jesus is born is the year of the census made by the Roman Empire, and at that time people should go to the Christmas city, so Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem, where they end up being born in a stable, due to lack of accommodation: the God-boy named Jesus was born.

Yes indeed there may be a historical confusion, Luke (Lk 2: 2) narrated that the census was taken when Quirinus was governor of Syria, where from the emperor Cesar Augustus, but the order of Cesar Augustus is 5 BC, while Quirinus (or Cyrene) became governor in 6 AD.

What is important is that the historical fact occurred, and Jesus entered into history “was a contact between men” not only by a whim of history, but by a divine coincidence, and there were others said the Prophecy of Isaiah: “The Lord will give you A sign, the virgin shall become pregnant … “(Isaiah, 7:14).

Then it is necessary to remember the humble birth of Jesus, the difficult years that will follow that will force his parents to flee to Egypt, avoiding the persecution of Herod who promoted the slaughter of all newborns want to kill the “future king” of the Jews, But this ruled until 4 BC, new confusion.

Yes it is necessary to remember that persecution, humility and crises always accompany this birth, but that it brings hope, confidence in the future and inner peace, yes the spirit of Christmas remains, even among those who do not believe, it is necessary to stop and breathe, otherwise it does not going forward.


Christmas for dont believe

23 Dec

Sorry those who believe sometimes insult, deride and say something that doesNatal not have the slightest connection with the universe and the size of God is only a human being and not God.

Belief has nothing to do with prejudice, intolerance and division, it is just the opposite of all this.

Belief has nothing to do with prohibitions, limitations and lack of respect and freedom, it is just the opposite of all this.

Belief has nothing to do with the power of money, disrespect life and every human being, because it is precisely the opposite of this.

The child born in Bethlehem suffered all this life, to prove that nobody is better than anyone and even though God made the last, with no place to be born without titles and end of life more fragile and dying on a cross, Christmas is see it all without exception as coexisting on this planet, and in this spirit I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

God came to share life with all of us and coexisted with us for 33 years on this planet.


Christmas around the world

20 Dec

TheArmenian Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas on January 6th, is the day we celebrateChristmasInWorld Epiphany (which means the revelation that Jesus was the Son of God) , unlike Catholic churches that celebrate the arrival of the Magi in visit to the baby Jesus, and also celebrate the Baptism of Jesus (when he began his adult ministry) on Epiphany .

The curious custom is to eat nothing the week before Christmas , I mean start the
year doing fasting.


In China, where only about one percent of the people are Christians, most people only know a few things about Christmas celebration due in large cities as Christmas in the World site.

In these big cities there are Christmas trees , lights and other decorations on the streets and in department stores , and Santa Claus is called  “Shen Dan Lao Ren ” in Mandarin and “Seng Dan Fai Lok ” in Cantonese .

Ghana celebrate Christmas tough two weeks , from 20 December to first week of January, with many different activities . It is common to travel to visit their relatives and friends in other parts of the country , where more than 60 languages ​​, each with their own traditions and
customs !


There is the harvest period of cacao, being the country ‘s second-largest producer in the world.


But the Christmas mood because there is something very extraordinary happened: a different child born in a stable and placed in a manger.


Ends a time and get a hold

25 Nov

Today will be a new arrival , a new advent , where hopes and news should be cultivating and someAuroraBoreal optimism , even in a dark and difficult time, should always be remembered .

In many countries this term has different meanings , for example , in Scandinavia (Finland , Sweden and Norway ) this is beginning November 13 , where the party is initiating Santa Luzia , although few religious countries , the date is maintained .

It may seem strange, but Luzia martyred in the third century of the Christian era , is also remembered in the Lutheran and Anglican Church , and was a much venerated saint in antiquity.

But the rest of Christmas traditions are similar , but there are processions with torches and Finland has a curious habit of visiting cemeteries and pay tribute to loved ones , it may seem strange but not for the Finns .

The fire in the fireplace with logs ( Yule log) and a drink called Jul ( Yule also ) has pagan origins in Norway , as well as the popular legend of Lapland , where he would live Santa Claus is a very cold northern region of Norway .

In 1900 King Haakon I decided that the pagan custom of drinking Jul ( yule ) should be changed to December 25 , in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Gradually , the pagan feast was becoming more Christian . Jul name was preserved , but the holiday was dedicated to Jesus Christ. Christmas is thus a mixture of ancient pagan festival and more modern Christian traditions .
But everyone can and should expect something: a better time , more justice , less hunger and wars , and we can stop this holiday season and reflect a bit .


O advento do menino-Deus

24 Dec

Imagine que existe de fato um super herói, ou um deus com muitos poderes e ele resolvesse dar as caras no planeta.

Ele poderia chegar falando dos seus feitos, as maravilhas que havia feito no universo, mas seria então um deus presunçoso e vaidoso, cheio de orgulho e portanto, faltaria uma qualidade para Deus.

Agora pensemos que ele já chegasse como um homem adulto, dando ordens e dizendo tudo o que precisava para manter o planeta em ordem, não faria bem seu trabalho, mas saberia como mandar os outros fazerem, seria então um deus autoritário e preguiçoso, e não seria Deus de verdade.

Ele chegaria agindo como os grandes astros do planeta, talvez fosse jogador de basquete ou de futebol, poderia ainda ser um grande astro da música popular, ou até mesmo um grande ídolo apegado ao seu sucesso, então seria vaidoso e talvez até invejoso do sucesso de outros, e assim não seria Deus.

Imagine que ele tivesse exageros espirituais, materiais e fizesse uma festa de arromba para sua chegada, faltaria algum equilíbrio e assim não seria Deus.

Poderia ser aguardado num hotel 5 estrelas, iriam buscá-lo no aeroporto com batedores e desfilaria pelas ruas centrais da cidade, com certeza seria alguém importante, não Deus.

Então a criança que por falta de alojamento nasce num estábulo, nos primeiros dias tem que fugir para o Egito e somente sábios distantes e pastores humildes o reconheceram, não poderia ser um nobre, nem um ídolo, nem alguém vaidoso ou muito rico, só poderia Ser Deus.

Feliz Natal !!!


Câmeras para ver o Natal no mundo

24 Dec

Diversas cidades no mundo possuem Web Cam abertas onde podemos ver cenas, pessoas e paisagens em todo mundo.

Um site especializado Email Santa (Santa Claus é o nome e papai Noel em paízes de lingua inglesa), mostra até Cam na residência do papai Noel (local fictício no Polo Norte) e câmeras no Polo Norte de fato.

Muitas cidades tem Web Cam próprias, como a ilha da Madeira, o site, na Suécia o as inúmeras webcams do Reino Unido (Inglaterra, Irlanda, Escócia  e Pais de Gales) ou da cidade de Roma.

Outro site EarthCam mostra alguns locais no mundo ao vivo, sendo algums cam com definição HD (High Definition), no qual se pode ver ao vivo, por exemplo, o Natal em São Paulo ou as praias famosas do Rio de Janeiro.

Escolhendo duas Web Cam para os espírito natalino, selecionei a bela árvore londrina ou escolha uma bela paisagem parisiense.


O garoto propaganda Papai-Noel, o mítico e o real

07 Dec

Em 1862, no auge da guerra civil americana, o cartunista Thomas Nast teve a ideia de criar uma figura de um elfo que durou 30 anos e aos poucos o casaco foi mudando de cor.

Na década de 1920 a Coca-Cola Cola® começou uma campanha publicitária com anúncios relacionado a figura de Santa Claus (o Papai Noel americano) com impressões em revistas como o Saturday  Evening Post, e 1930 em nova aparição o artista Fred Mizen pintou uma loja de departamento de Santa Claus que recebeu uma multidão para beber uma garrafa de Coca-Cola ®.  Aos poucosa figura mitica foi transformando a festa do nascimento de Jesus num lucrativo negócio de presentes e muita comida, mas ao menos conservando o ambirente de busca da paz e da fraternidade.

Mas há uma história mítica de Papai Noel, ela tem origem com o poeta Clement C. Moore, que escreveu um poema  de uma visita do Santo Nicolau em 1822, que no poema chamado A visit from Saint Nicholas, no poema ele entra e saiu pela chaminé de uma casa e diz antes de partir: “Feliz Natal, Boa Noite a todos”, e que em 1931 foi adaptado por Fred Mizen em 1930 criando a figura atual do velhinho de vermelho.

Eis um pedaço do poema (traduzido livremente):

Old Santeclaus with much delight          Velho Papai Noel com muito prazer
His reindeer drives this frosty night.       Vem dirigindo suas renas na noite fria
O’er chimney tops, and tracks of snow,   Vai pelas chaminés e trilhas na neve
To bring his yearly gifts to you…            trazer seus presentes anuais para você …

Mas esta história cria a ligação com a verdadeira origem que é São Nicolau, a data de comemoração pela igreja católica é o dia 06 de dezembro. Filho de pais ricos com profunda vida de oração, nasceu Nicolau no ano 275 em Pátara, na Ásia Menor.

Tornou-se sacerdote da diocese de Mira (Turquia) onde mais tarde tornou-se bispo, a única história de presentes conhecida é a de  três pobres moças que não tendo os dotes para o casamento foram aconselhadas pelo próprio pai, a prostituição, Nicolau sabendo disto, jogou pela janela da casa das moças três bolsas com o dinheiro suficiente para os dotes.


Os aplicativos musicais de Natal e um pensamento

06 Dec

Diversos aplicativos para smartphones estão chegando, um dos mais usados é o “Karaokê de Natal” no iTunes, outro permitir gravar canções e as enviar com mensagens aos amigos por e-mail, o site Glimboo reúne várias opções.

Para aqueles que não se julgam bons cantores, existem as “Rádios do Natal” (tais como CristmasRadio e XmasMelody) e outras, como um aplicativo que reúne 40 emissoras especializadas em música natalina, e até uma localizada no Polo Norte, como a lenda diz que Papai Noel mora lá fica muito sugestivo, e repertório é variado com estilos como jazz e rock.

Para saudosistas o RecordNet mostra como era o Natal nas décadas de 40 e 50, período de fim de guerra e envolto ainda em muita depressão e que o espírito natalino ajudava muitas pessoas.

Para reinterpretações e músicas mais atuais o site SongOfPraise anuncia muitas músicas interessantes com muitas traduções para o português.

O link do Terra com letras e vídeos de Natal é bem interessante outro site com muitos vídeos e imagens é o XmasFun .

Poderia ser sempre Natal se este espírito de amor, solidariedade e pensamento voltado aos que sofrem pudessem durar pelo ano todo, não apenas em sentimentos, mas em ações concretas.

Em momento de mudança e de crise econômica sistêmica tudo isto pode parecer alienante, uma reflexão do pensador de economia Kiel F. Baade parece atual: “Toda a consideração das possibilidades econômicas do homem de hoje tem, portanto de partir da constatação de que as possibilidades de sobrevivência e possibilidades econômicas para o homem desta época somente existe, se os políticos e os que são por eles governados não só apelarem para sua inteligência, comprovadamente insuficiente, mas também mobilizarem as forças do coração e da fé” (em seu texto O homem e as formas de economia, in: Gadamer, H.G. e Vogler, P.  São Paulo: Ed. da Universidade de São Paulo, 1997), assim por incrível que pareça, considerar a fé é no momento de crise mundial econômica apelar para o bom senso e a boa vontade dos homens, em especial para aqueles que tem algum poder de influência social.