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(Português) Mais de 5 milhões de senhas roubadas

17 Sep

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(Português) Auxilio à privacidade do usuário comum

30 Apr

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Response to spy might be wrong

05 Oct

The idea of forcing Internet companies to store user data within Brasil is mistaken as to the concernsWebBrasil of cyber security in Brazil, as well as increase costs and undermine future investments, may cause further uncertainty to the data and the privacy of individuals, as it being here can also be manipulated.

In the case of investments, it is important to recognize that there is an emerging market related to Google, Facebook and Twitter, say analysts and industry executives.

The teacher Ronaldo Lemos (State University of Rio de Janeiro-UERJ), which helped create the laws of internet in the country, said “may end up having the opposite effect than intended, and scare off companies wanting to do business in Brazil,” as the news portal Terra.

Already the rapporteur of the law of the Internet in Brazil, the Marco Civil, Mr PT Alessandro Molon (RJ), said the number of affected companies could be counted “on both hands.”

The modern networking technology, cloud computing depend on both in terms of technology as in investment values ​​of international participation, and confinement in the country will result in costs and shrink the investment markets international investments to be made in the country.

But more serious is that besides not allow control data, may also be used politically depending on whose hands fall control of our “network”.

The markets today are international, and border closures could mean delay.

There are ways to control encrypting messages, and controlling flows regardless of where the data are, in fact this is the internet.