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Smartphones catch fire?

11 Oct

No, of course great care must be taken as not to leave for long time in the making,samsungnote avoid turning on when there is too much variation in voltage, etc. but recently it happened some cases that drew attention.
The mobile technology Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in the US, despite the company having made a great product recall last month, and the case drew the attention of the company.
As the Commission of American Security Consumer Products (CPSC, acronym in English), in an official report last month (15/09) 26 incidents with burns had occurred in the United States, and the alert was triggered.
Complaints started happening last month, and were sales were immediately suspended in the 10 markets where it already sold, but Brazil had not yet received the product.
Samsung has received 92 reports of batteries overheating in the US, of which 26 are reports of burns and other 55 material damage, like fires in cars or garages, the CPSC advised consumers to switch off appliances.
Prior to these reports the number set of fire in smartphones in the world could not reach a dozen and many were cases of misuse, leave plenty of time plugged in or high voltage variations, it is not to cause any alarm.


(Português) Google lança seu próprio smartphone

05 Oct

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


Asus shows Zenfone 3

31 May

The fair Computex technology will begin this week in Taiwan, but before you startZenfone3 Asus has already shown its new smartphone Zenfone 3 with a designates with Gorilla Glass 4 guard in front and aluminium box in background, and a 6 GB memory, much higher than the 2 GB iPhone.

The Zenfone 3 is more ergonomic with a 5.5 inch screen, Full HD resolution, digital sensor to unlock the Snapdragon 625 processor, 4 GB of RAM and battery 3000 mAh. It is more powerful than the Intel line of its previous products.

It has two other versions, Deluxe 5.7 inch, Snapdragon 820, Qualcomm and also higher resolution cameras 23 MP and 8 MP while the Zenfone Ultra has the screen as a differential: it has 6.8 inch screen, a Snapdragon processor 652 more efficient, coupled with 4 GB of RAM and a battery of 4,600 mAh. .

Will comment on other news at the start of Computex, which starts the day in Taiwan, are expected news on Smartphones, laptops and ultrabooks.


Um celular como um livro

23 Sep

Segundo o site SamMobile, o próximo lançamento da Samsung para janeiro novosamsung de 2016 não deverá ser um Galaxy S7, mas com tela flexível (já estão no mercado) e parecido a um livro. Fontes que vasculham projetos, afirmam ter conhecimento profundo do dispositivo, disseram que está sendo desenvolvido sob o codinome Projeto Valley, conforme o MailOnline.

E acrescentaram que duas versões do telefone estão sendo testadas, uma com um processador Snapdragon 620 e outro com um Snapdragon 820. Em outra parte, o dispositivo é rumores de ter 3GB de RAM, um slot para cartão microSD e uma bateria não-removível. Já a Samsung disse ao MailOnline que não comenta rumores ou especulações.

A Samsung tem apresentado telas OLED dobráveis já a dois anos e no CES em 2013 revelou uma tela Oled flexível chamado Youm.

Vamos aguardar, porém isto com certeza poderá trazer inovações de leitura e escrita, já que também o uso de light-pen, as canetas estão sendo investigadas pela Samsung.  


Mais de 50% dos lares conectados

16 Sep

Segundo pesquisa do Cetic, órgão vinculado ao Núcleo de Informação e Lares conectados Coordenação do Ponto BR (, pela primeira vez na história do Brasil o número de lares conectados ultrapassou os 50% neste ano, chegando a 32,3 milhões de lares.

A pesquisa foi apresentada ontem (15/09) pelo Centro de Estudos sobre as Tecnologias da Informação e da Comunicação ( e apresentada a imprensa.

A pesquisa foi feita a partir de entrevistas a moradores de 19 mil domicílios em mais de 350 municípios de todo o Brasil, entre os meses de outubro de 2014 e março de 2015, e segundo o órgão, o número cresceu a partir da edição de 2014 porque foram incluídas as contas que são acessadas a partir de celulares, quando pulou para 43%.

O número de smartphones em 2014 era de 81,5 milhões de pessoas, segundo Alexandre Barbosa, gerente da Cetic: “O smartphone têm sido um dispositivo que permite a inclusão de cidadãos que não usavam a rede”, afirmou Alexandre Barbosa, gerente do Cetic.

Ao contrário da Agência Nacional das Telecomunicações (Anatel), que mostra o número de linhas de celular, a pesquisa traz a quantidade de pessoas que realmente usam celulares, enquanto o número da Cetic era em 2014 de 148,2 milhões o número da Anatel era de 218,1 milhões dando um valor absurdo de 138 conexões por 100 habitantes. Apesar do alto custo e de serviços de baixa qualidade o serviço cresceu no Brasil.


Crowdsourcing of the smartphones

16 Jul

Is it possible to compete with the big brands and create thousands of CrowdSmartphonessmall business smartphones in the world? it seems so, is proposing the Shenzhen Zuoer Technology, which promises to help customers who want to build their brands around the world.

The customer chooses from a list of options like a menu from a pizzeria, and may enter the cellular industry for only $ 1,000, even without prior experience, the ultimate goal is to create a brand of smartphones with standard components to a price can reach $ per unit, incredible but true.

Accept applications by a minimum order of 50 units, Zuoer ride your own external plastic housing with LCD screens, circuit boards and batteries from other manufacturers. So any customer, anywhere in the world can compete with Samsung in the international mobile market of $ 410 billion in less than six weeks.


The MWC happens in Spain

04 Mar

MWC2015The Mobile World Congress (MWC) hosts releases and announcements from the world of mobile devices, and beyond the usual release smatphones, the highlight of the fair were the smart watches, held in Barcelona, ​​the day 02-05 March.
Other wearable devices such as smart bracelets and virtual reality goggles are some product categories vying for attention next to traditional phones.
Were presented new models of LG brands, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, with the Galaxy S6 Samsung, which promises new design, one of the biggest rumors of the event.
The fair was held at the Fira Gran Via known flag, with the presence beyond the companies in the sector, analysts and the press.
Gradually the other big news, go into the daily lives of people, there is still technophobes who do not cease to demonize the devices, but while using them.


Pre-sales of Apple in Brazil

06 Nov

AppleCraschThe country has always stood for then, when the launches of new models of Apple iPhones now 6 Plus models will be launched in the pre-sales also in the country, on Friday (7), previous versions were marketed only by the telecom operators.
The novelty is intended to facilitate the acquisition and avoid the traditional queues releases, and buyers will seek the appliances a week after the launch, ie 14 November, US prices however will not be the same here because of taxes, in there prices posting for two-year contracts are: iPhone 6 is $ 199 (model with 16 GB of storage), $ 299 (64GB) and $ 399 (128 GB, while iPhone 6 Plus salt for U$ 299 (16 GB), $ 399 (64GB) and $ 499 (128GB).
Little news (keeps the 8 Megapixel camera, for example), however, and the biggest problem for users, which is breaking the front windows or have splintered, common rear happened, will continue, as only certain models of Android phones is that has a durable glass Gorilla glass, Apple remains fragile, and the repair is expensive.
Official prices for Brazil were not disclosed by the company


(Português) 5 celulares para o brasileiro

28 Aug

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


Rise of smartphone and WiFi

16 Nov

The rise of smartphone adoption has been rapid device market millstone stable in five years reached 1Smartphones million, now two years has reached 2 million, report of Ericson says.

The growth will continue as inexpensive models become more available in emerging markets , this market is that Motorola / Google is eyeing the Moto G, already launched in Brazil and another on price and user who did not migrate .

The data networks of the world also come to expand to keep up the demand for data that is already big plus is expanding, the problem is the connection.

But current analysis , such as the EcommerceTimes  says 90 % of the world population will be covered by WCDMA / HSPA in 2019 , i.e. WiFi network , and even more , 65 percent will be covered by 4G/LTE networks , will the Brazil too?

LTE connections in North America will surpass all other parts of the world , according to a forecast from the site , will reach 85 % coverage by 2019 .