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The idealist crisis and the ontological recovery

01 Feb

The evolution of the Enlightenment in both politics and economics culminated in Hegelianism, after passing through Kant’s critique of reason, it is the last great theory that seeks to realize an “integrated” totality, subject to “dialectical” contradictions (it is different from the dialectic of classical antiquity) and, according to his model, the ultimate aim would be to reach the full spiritual essence, which has little or nothing to do with religiosity.

It was thus the dialectical materialist asceticism that ended in an enormous void and in the “forgetfulness of being”, a term used by Heidegger to contradict the theories that since Descartes have emptied and criticized the metaphysical reading of reality, in the etymology of the word meta-physis, in this case the Greek, since its origin is from there, according to Aristotle it was the first science, it gave solid knowledge about things, and the study is confused with ontology, the “being as being”.

For Kant this study is confused with that of customs, it is a non-empirical or rational knowledge, his study on morality and “subjectivity” will start from this relationship with cultural customs and here there is already a strong dose of relativism, and deepens the dualism between Subject x Object, forgetting the “Being”.

So that which is subjective, theoretical or metaphysical is falling into disrepute and theories of objectivity, practicality and empirical realism grow, this will not be done without contradiction, but the very definition of idealist dialectic is this, the development of this concept from from yourself.

Plato defined dialectics as the art of thinking, questioning and organizing ideas (Greek eidos – image, we already posted something), so neither theory is out of the question (idealism is also a theory, by the way, not very practical) , neither metaphysics nor “being”.

The theo-ontology of the end of the measured age will establish the relations between the entity and the being, according to Thomas Aquinas he “is infinite. Therefore, if it becomes finite, it must be limited by something, which has the capacity to receive it, that is, by the essence”, present in his thesis “The entity and the essence”.

Amidst the crisis of idealist thought, see the previous post, a new current emerges from Franz-Brentano in the mid-nineteenth century, which resumes phenomenology and ontology working on the intentionality of human consciousness, which was a specific study in Thomas Aquinas, to try to describe, understand and interpret the phenomena as they appear to perception.

Brentano was Husserl’s teacher, who rereads Descartes and Kant, and elaborates phenomenology with a different meaning given by his teacher Brentano, seeks to separate what is empirical, so the phenomenon of the mental act is not something that appears instantly in the mind, but depends on the memory and elaborates from there the concepts of protension and retension, the discussion about what is consciousness today reaches the objects of Artificial Intelligence.

Heidegger was a student of Husserl, and from him one can consider both the linguistic turn (not all authors agree) and the ontological resumption.


The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence

06 Aug

Due to overzealousness with distortions of technology use, a delayed entry into the educational and entrepreneurial sectors, some countries and industrialized nations begin to lose the foot of the technological race.

This has become more serious in the last two years, when technologies related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have become emerging.

Some authors speak of the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, where the issue is no longer the simple digital automation of existing jobs, but the total transformation of the model into digital, this means creating models of production, business, innovation and technological convergence in order to allow mass data processing and machine learning, this frightens by the social implications, but can not cause paralysis.

An emergency field that can help job creation is the “collaborative economy,” where Wikipedia and Uber are clearer examples, but there are many others. In the field of geopolitics it is easy to understand why the United States and China are winning this battle with ease, in addition to the economic and school structure for this, their transnational corporations in Europe, Russia and many other countries guarantee sustainable development and insertion in the market, but the the main issue is the non-negative criticism of the use of technologies and the understanding of the social aspects of this option.

A report by the Ecuadorian-British journalist Sally Burch, in the magazine América Latina en Movimento: integración en tempos de incertidumbre, 07-2018, shows the still incipient movement of this scenario in Latin America, without a serious political scenario.



Reddit will control Trolling

06 Dec

Trolling is a term used for various forms of aggression via the Web, among themreddit rumors, lying versions of real facts, practices of bullying, etc.

The Reddit website announced last Wednesday announcing several reforms aimed at identifying and repressing trolling by punishing the most abusive members of this community called “toxic”, according to CEO Steve Huffman.

 More than a hundred such users have been identified, a featured community is The_Donald, in support of US-elect Donald Trump, as a center of controversy over reports that use aggressive tactics to push pro -Trump to the top of the searches on the site.

Given the recent controversy over the election, many users have shied away from civilian gestures, and Huffman himself has been attacked personally, which has been reissuing posts to prevent further attacks by users of users who have been hit.

Reddit’s latest move reflects the idea of greater interaction and serendipity, that is, working in a more convergent sense, where trolls are treated as a serious global problem.

The changes are intended to mark a significant change in the sense of self-policing, limited to community moderators and community people without autocratic or external interference through political bodies outside the community.

The mechanisms have been online forums, with voluntary moderators who oversee the sub-reddits who maintain peace and hold supposed trolls in checks, so conversations will be monitored conversations directly and to the extent that something is considered abusive, moderators intervene direct.







Is there still Christmas spirit?

01 Dec

We have explained in previous years (see the our post) that Noel appeared in thechristmas 1920s in a Coca-Cola® marketing relating Santa Claus (American Santa Claus) with Christmas, and with impressions in magazines such as Saturday  Evening Post, but it is clear that the birth of Jesus is much older, indeed dates in the years, since we are in 2016 AD, even though the measure of the years is imprecise due to the Gregorian calendar.

But this year, Trump’s election, crisis in the country with various nuances: impeachment, jet launder, crisis in Rio and with other states showing exhaustion of finances, now the tragedy with the team of the city of Chapecó (Brazil), there would still be climate for the true Christmas spirit, peace and justice, solidarity with the peripheries (now also existential), or are we in “depression”?

Remember that the year that Jesus is born is the year of the census made by the Roman Empire, and at that time people should go to the Christmas city, so Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem, where they end up being born in a stable, due to lack of accommodation: the God-boy named Jesus was born.

Yes indeed there may be a historical confusion, Luke (Lk 2: 2) narrated that the census was taken when Quirinus was governor of Syria, where from the emperor Cesar Augustus, but the order of Cesar Augustus is 5 BC, while Quirinus (or Cyrene) became governor in 6 AD.

What is important is that the historical fact occurred, and Jesus entered into history “was a contact between men” not only by a whim of history, but by a divine coincidence, and there were others said the Prophecy of Isaiah: “The Lord will give you A sign, the virgin shall become pregnant … “(Isaiah, 7:14).

Then it is necessary to remember the humble birth of Jesus, the difficult years that will follow that will force his parents to flee to Egypt, avoiding the persecution of Herod who promoted the slaughter of all newborns want to kill the “future king” of the Jews, But this ruled until 4 BC, new confusion.

Yes it is necessary to remember that persecution, humility and crises always accompany this birth, but that it brings hope, confidence in the future and inner peace, yes the spirit of Christmas remains, even among those who do not believe, it is necessary to stop and breathe, otherwise it does not going forward.


Industry and technology: is a Brazilian way out?

28 Apr

Sectors that held the plummet of our economy are maize with a growth of StartUp110% approximately, soybeans 46% and 13.4% cellulose growth recorded in the first quarter 2016 with the economy in decline and the brazilian political crisis still without solution yet.


While we see the Brazilian industry is reducing, with major industries out or closed doors, and only the agricultural sector holding on to ask if the high technology has something to say and can be a way to recover the industrial park?

Apparently yes, companies like WEG Santa Catarina, is one of the largest exporters of motor and electronics equipment in the world, and grew 24% last year amid an economic crisis (and political course) because it has a strong standing in exports, almost 55% of its revenue comes from abroad, and employ 31,000 people. Another of a smaller is the Bralyx machines working with confectionery equipment and production masses, has insertion in 50 countries and sales of U$ 12 million, half from abroad, but employs only 150 people.


High-tech sectors are promising and Brazil has manpower and a good education system in this regard, a system that helps the startup* in this sector would be important, although the basis of primary and secondary education needs reform.
* Startup – the name given to any innovative company at an early stage.


Aiding transparency on the Web

19 Oct

A second-generation tool, called Sunlight is being developed to enable SunLightgreater transparency in the use of personal data on the Web.

Such as Web browsing is becoming easier day, and every day the corporate monitoring our emails and habits are more and more exploited, the tool developed in the Engineering Department of Columbia University, USA, is to prevent and warn how and when our data are being used..

According to Roxana Geambasu, scientist at Columbia and Data Science Institute, “The Web is like the Wild West,” where “there is no oversight of how our data is being collected, exchanged and used,” and falling into the wrong hands can be used against us.

According to Daniel Hsu, another researcher of the group, the tool is the first to analyze numerous inputs and outputs together to form hypotheses that are tested on a separate set of data selected from the original.In the end, each hypothesis, and its input and output is switched on, is classified for statistical and second confidence Hsu “We are trying to find a balance between statistical confidence and scale so that we can begin to see what is going on across the Web as a whole “.

The researchers set the texts from 119 Gmail accounts, and for more than a month last year, sent 300 messages with sensitive words in the subject line and email body, and found, for example, crossing words “unemployed” , “Jew” and “depressed” were used to stop trigger ads for “easy auto financing.”

The tool of course, does not solve these problems, only denounces the existence of these cases.


Novidades IFA

09 Sep

Depois da da CES e do MWC, a IFA 2015 de Berlim é a maior feira de tecnologiaIFA do mundo, ela se encerra hoje (09/10) e já podemos conferir os destaques.

  Na feira a Samsung anunciou o Gear S1, um relógio inteligente, com formato parecido aos antigos já que é redondo e possui botões com as funções de Home e voltar, o comum e o classic, com pulseiras cinza escuro ou prata com pulseira branca.

Para competir com ele, parecendo ainda mais um relógio comum, mas com design e nas funções aprimoradas o Android Wear aparece como um smartwatch que pode competir no mercado dos chamados dispositivos vestíveis, a Asus lançou o ZenWatch 2 que não muda muito o modelo anterior.

A Sony lançou no evento Sony Xperia Z5, já disponível em algumas regiões do globo a partir de 699 euros (aproximadamente R$ 2807,00), mas ainda não sabemos quando ele pode chegar ao Brasil. A Acer lançou o Predator 6, um phablet com especificações ideiais para rodar games pesados, quatro alto-falante e um design um tanto polêmico.

A LG levou para o IFA não um smartphone, mas um acessório lançou um novo teclado externo tanto para tables como smartphones, feito com plástico ABS e policarbonato permite flexibilidade e resistência a choques.


(Português) Mudanças do usuário da Web

22 Aug

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


10,000 people died in the typhoon

11 Nov

A typhoon that hit the entire coast of the Philippines killed more than 10,000 people, andoTifon now the country may have problem water and food .
Amid the rubble of the city airport Tocloban , the hardest hit , it set up a makeshift hospital where patients are treated without anesthesia and to a lot of people are desperate to leave the region .

The Hurricane Haiyan , accompanied by winds of up to 315 km / h , recalled the destruction caused by the 2004 tsunami in Asia .

According to Sebastian Rhodes Stampa , head of the UN team in charge of disaster management ” presented great destruction ( … ) The last time I saw something like that was during the Indian Ocean tsunami ” that left 220,000 dead in 2004 .

In Samar , the gateway to the typhoon in the country on Friday , confirmed the death of at least 300 people in the small town of Basey , and other 2000 are missing across the island , the typhoon will now toward Vietnam although lost strength.


Best companies in technologies

04 Oct

According to Fortune magazine one edition this month, technology companies Samsung and AppleasMaiores are with the world’s largest companies in the fundamentals, called Global 500 and published by CNN.

In front of the oil companies continue taking the lead followed by the Royal Dutch Oil Wall Mart Stores, while Samsung appears only in 14th place, with 178.6 billion dollars, five places ahead of Apple in revenue.

As regards profits, oil companies still follow the biggest profit of Royal Dutch, the following Exxon and China National Petroleum.

But as to the value of brands, data Best Global Brands, Apple and Google surpassed Coca-Cola, their values ​​estimated at 98.3 and 93.3 billion dollars, since the brand value of the refrigerant has 79.2 bi , but after IBM and Microsoft with 78.8 billion to 59.5 billion value.

The negative surprise is Facebook who occupied the position of 69th. ranking of brands and rose to the position 52. which is still negligible considering the enormous influence that have particularly among young people.

So technology companies follow appreciating and are important when it should think about the future and new developments in the sector