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End of the pandemic in sight

19 Sep

This was the statement of WHO´s Director General Tedros Adhanom on September 14, last Wednesday, but then he asked that the pandemic continue to be monitored.

Consultant Sylvia Lemos from the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases also told CNN: “It is something that encourages the prospect that something may be ending the end of the pandemic, but it does not mean that the world is free of surprises”, and she also asks for caution. stating that “more sustainable data is still needed”.

The protocols are that in general the use of masks is optional, but hygiene and ventilation care are not expendable, also environments where the use of mask is imperative, as there are still sanitary environments such as hospitals and places of greater danger. .

According to the infectologist, in addition to the fact that every viral infection is cyclic, the last strain must also have lost strength and not have new stronger variants, and it is obvious that vaccination helped.

The country has the lowest rates since 2020, and the downward trend in deaths and cases remains.

It is necessary to understand how the infectious disease specialist reminds us that the action of the virus “does not end” and that science will dictate the new measures to be taken from now on, such as whether there will be annual vaccinations and the prevention of risk groups.

Unless new facts occur, our weekly monitoring of the pandemic will be more sporadic.



Empowerment, Autonomy and State

16 Nov
Several United Nations studies and development questions point to a newapoverty paradigm of” good practices “or” good management “of the state.
Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona (2013) clearly points out the relationship between empowerment and poverty “lack of power is a universal and basic characteristic of poverty. Poverty is not solely a lack of income, but rather is characterized by a vicious cycle of powerlessness, stigmatization, discrimination, exclusion and material deprivation, which all mutually reinforce each other.”
Empowerment is something of a development “fuzzword” (Cornwall, 2007), a broad concept that allows multiple interpretations and definitions, often reflecting the theoretical or ideological predisposition of their exponents. Ibrahim and Alkire (2007) have listed 32 different, but overlapping definitions of the word.2 This paper will use a definition based on Eyben (2011):
“Empowerment happens when individuals and organized groups are able to imagine their world differently and to realize that vision by changing the relations of power that have kept them in poverty, restricted their voice and deprived them of their autonomy.”
An empowering approach is both an end in itself, and a means to eradicating poverty and exclusion in their broader (multidimensional) sense.
Effective experiences of empowerment tend to involve a “magic triangle”: active civil society environment, committed public officials or political leaders, and enforcement mechanisms that guarantee that initiatives “have teeth”. That means that civil society organization is an asset, and its weakness or absence a problem. Governments need to nurture independent, active civil society organizations and protect the space in which they can operate.
The good news is that history appears to be firmly on the side of empowerment, as the global broadening and deepening of human rights since the creation of the United Nations system unambiguously demonstrates.
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Is there no digital economy?

20 Mar

The technophobes feed these besides other illusions, in fact they make money speaking DigitalEconomythis, but the digital economy already reached the $ 110 billion in 2014, only with the applications Uber, Airbnb and Kickstarter; Not to mention smartphones, tablets and laptops.

These three applications are expected to reach $ 1 trillion by 2017, which is higher than the GDP of many countries in the world and a third of the Brazilian, if we join all applications will probably be higher than our GDP.

Victor Reimann, just 25 years old and one of the partners of the developer and incubator of projects of collaborative economy Engage, with headquarters in Porto Alegre, clarifies that this economy “attracted people first by a need to optimize resources”.

Yuri Faber, creator of Zasnu, which offers a vehicle sharing service, says “The global recession has made people aware that collaborative consumption is good for lowering costs and good for everyone.”

I know in Berlin, Justice has already banned some services from Uber, also in Australia in the city of Melbourne, the city already fine drivers who receive money to transport passengers intermediated by the application, but in Brazil I know several friends who travel dividing the trip, and The number of people who do this will make any inspection impossible, after all they are not Uber cars or other services, of course you need to have a good car.

The Airbnb has hosted more than 120 thousand people during the World Cup, of course taking advantage of the speculation of the hotel network in addition to precarious services.

The digital economy will grow even more, and even those who make money speaking ill of it, could have their earnings computed as a digital economy, thus generating a curious paradox: speaking ill of the digital economy makes it grow in real numbers in this.


New yahoo says what came

11 Jan

After the July 2016 sale of Yahoo to the Verizon digital electronics industry for $ 4.8 altababillion ($ 15 billion), now the first changes is announced, the most important is the departure of CEO Marissa Mayer, and the name that may be Altaba.

The move signaled the end of an era, as Yahoo, in addition to its services and billions of visitors per month, was responsible at the beginning of the Web for many people entering the network.

Now it is known that pieces of the new company Altaba, the name says a lot, will be in use by the mega-site sales Alibaba and the Japanese internet portal, so far called Yahoo Japan, but that could also be renamed.

With the departure of the CEO, the idea is to turn it into an investment site and a board of directors that will be reduced from 11 to 5 people, ensuring agility and good business.

The statements were not official, but since the data leak that occurred in December 2016, high around data of 1 billion users, that is, the largest in history, the cloud about the future of the company is undoing.

At this time and after a second leak the business almost backed down

This new investment model, that is, using websites and capturing resources in digital networks, can have an impact on the world market, even though governments go back to the previous model that was founded on companies having resources and jobs in the country itself.


3-year digital currency

16 Nov

The data is an IBM research, more than market share through the NASDAQacaso stock exchange, where electronic and digital stocks are already glimpsed as if they were commodities (in fact, this special type of stock market is characterized by By bringing together high-tech companies in electronics, IT, telecommunications, biotechnology, etc.), it seems that Blockchain has come to stay.
According to a study by IBM, most Blockchain trading solutions are already being adopted by banks and financial institutions, it is likely that in three years it will exceed the 50% mark and can reach 65% of the business, which is a new business model of this sector.
The research is demarcated into two parts, revealing that 16% of the banks and 14% of the financial institutions that were part of the research guarantee that they intend to implement several Blockchain solution services on a large scale.
For banks, the survey showed that 65% expect to have solutions in 3 years, with a slightly slower adoption and cautious, and although they may have setbacks, the report pointed out that “These pathfinders are better positioned against the competition, which includes Companies that have been born disruptive, such as the Fintechs “, so this adoption of digital coins is practically inevitable.
The survey also pointed out that the number of adoption increases when we think of payments in retail (80%) and loan (79%), since digital platforms are available for these two types of financing.
The research points out that organizations expect that the benefits brought by
As for the public, since the barriers that prevent the fastest evolution of technology are the regulatory restrictions (56%), technological immaturity (54%) and return on investment (52%), despite the technological gap, numbers already give the majority .


The Web can change more?

24 Oct

The new changes around parallel institutions, we will comment one of them today, JQuery, seems tojscript point to deeper changes in the Web 3.0 Web (linked data) and Web 4.0 (intelligent agents).

JQuery went on to become Founding JS, to support and governance to the projects that are developed from JavaScript, the Foundation is an initiative Linux but with companies like IBM, Samsung and Sauce Labs and many others.

The Executive Director of JS, Kris Borchers, stated that “for a long time, we have offered support to the JQuery community, and the new brand aims to reflect this reality,” but now according to his words, “Center of gravity” is the open standard JavaScript.

The changes will come because the projects (23 total), among them the test frameworks Appium and Mocha, the Dojo Toolkit, linting utility (verification code to identify errors and problems) ESLint, JerryScript.

This new institution will promote widespread adoption and permanent solutions development JavaScript, and related technologies, facilitating collaboration with the community.

The founding members of JS, as former members of the JQuery, were IBM, Samsung, Sauce Labs, Bocoup, Ripple, Sense Tecnic Systems, SitePen, StackPath, the University of Westminster and the WebsiteSetup.

The Brazil has a very active JS community and his designs can be seen on its site.


Blockchain lever virtual currency

13 Jul

Similar to Bitcoin, but safer the bitcoin can be one of the next waves of theBlockChain virtual world, remember the vulnerabilities and several blows that almost took the Bitcoin to disrepute.


Any company needs to have an account with transaction records, is what makes the Blockchain creating a virtual book for these records, through a database that tracks distributed transactions, which precludes the use of the same coin for more than one transaction, giving greater transparency and safety, regardless of the currency and the value used, addresses the major frauds carried out in the past with the BitCoin.


To understand this we must understand how the assets of any financial transaction and that should be updated and made available to regulators and that gives the same credibility of a coin that has the equivalent in value in a normal Bank, fixed assets called fixed assets (real estate, consumables, etc.).


So is something more significant that the credit money or paper, but is not called plastic money (a chip with a value that will want when worn), it is not simply money because is built on it the entire value of “active” and could represent a major shift on how we think the economy and his own money.


In fact the money is something virtual, different from the misuse that makes the term as it is possible possession of certain goods by a corresponding you must work, asset or credit, this is the difference now: the assets.


Epitrack: Health crowdsourcing

06 Jul

After a master’s degree at Fiocruz and your advisor of Recife, created naEpitrack application that through collaborative environment can help detect epidemics and work to public health.


Epitrack (epi of epidemic and track for tracker in English) is the name of a software made by Onício Grandson associated with his teacher William Lichand founded a company founded in 2013 and today has 13 employees and reached gross sales R $ 2.5 million in 2015, using the collaborative potential of the internet for health.


The company creates applications to detect disease outbreaks even before the health authorities, and seeks to help improve public policies with automated messages also called voice applications, those in which the user responds by using a key sequence.

The company now exposes the American market trying to expand its range, the software is a finalist in the competition The Venture, you can vote in the application site.


DIY is a cultural change

25 Jun

Perhaps even incomprehensible, but the movement “do it yourself”FuturoJa (DIY, in english) which appeared in the 90s, including Brazil having to magazines: DIY repairs, decoration, children, parties, etc. now reappears with force even in schools with the use of electronic devices and 3D printers in “makerspaces” according to Business Insider.


The stimulus comes from networks like HGTV and DIY, also on sites like Pinterest, but there are endless lessons on Youtube and other tools: how to make certain dishes, make bread with natural yeast, change your environment with sticky material, etc.


Elementary school to high, college and being able to go further, schools are finding new ways to use 21st century technology to bring back to the room a new, more demanding and proactive generation earlier, light is a fact, there who says otherwise, but it is purely by not knowing how to deal with the news.


Technologies that comes to the aid are fantastic, from the ever popular 3D printers (at least in the European and American market) to access to innovative technologies such as laser cutters, which are sprouting in the classroom prototypes and inventions.
Pacesetter schools will appropriating this new style, come to introduce even control mechanism with the Arduíno programming models and interfaces increasingly creative and facilitative automations.
They will find a way to criticize, but the future has now arrived in the classroom


Iceland vs England

24 Jun

This small Nordic country with little more than 300,000 inhabitants, hasIslandia already made a historic achievement is ranking in football for the second round and now faces England.
The vote that ended yesterday morning is a hard blow to the European Union (EU), but the English have little to celebrate, the British currency, the pound had one of its biggest falls, of course also affecting the eurozone, but will mainly affect the immigrations.
British goods will not suffer retaliation, this is for poor countries in the Arab world or in our Latin American countries and perhaps some of Africa, but the market certainly will impose some restrictions on British products, personally I will cheer for Iceland, but was a decision from the start of the cup, why?
Iceland, a country which was released in Denmark in the year 1944 had a constitution without the traditional Danish monarchy is parliamentary, but recently had one of its greatest crises, which made: punish fraud, left banks and fail companies and started the country first making its first constitution through social networks (see our post).
He did not understand why some people retain their opulent and immoral monarchies, was easy now they are unable to advance in the story, or wanting to book advance something of the past and lose much with this, immigration times a country close is very sad.
Iceland won another crowd, immigrants have to leave England, the Arabs who are stateless wandering seas, sometimes dying, and asking a shelter of some solidarity European country.
Iceland may lose but will have my now more vibrant crowd yet: Iceland !!!