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Paul Allen died

16 Oct

Co-founder with Microsoft’s Bill Gates (photo), was fortunate enough and was in fact the great developer of Microsoft, Bill Gates had worked before Microsoft only in a version of Basic language, it was he who suggested the purchase of QDOS, developed system by Tim Paterson when he works at Seattle Computer Products, where MS DOS came from, whose sale to IBM is the origin of Microsoft’s millionaire project.

Paul Allen was familiar with Xerox’s Palo Alto MVT system, which was an inspiration for early versions of Windows, and later invested in Explorer in a heavily competitive version with Netscape, which triggered the so-called Web browser war.

Paul Gardner Allen created a foundation with his name in 1988 to run philanthropic projects; between 1990 and 2014 he donated more than $ 500 million to more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations, most of them for technology, arts and culture projects, but also a significant slice of social development (about $ 100 million).

He died in the 65 years old, cancer victim in his hometown of Seattle, where he owned the basketball team.


This is solid or liquid

08 Oct

It sounds like a joke, not the question that appears in the design of the Solid website, in fact the question there is: What is Solid? the new Internet project by Tim Berners-Lee and MIT.

After Web 2.0 that included everyone, but lacked validation of data, authorship and thoughts, Web 3.0 emerged from Linked Data in 2009, and this is in the composition of the name Solid: Social Linked Data, although the idea of the acronym is rejoined it circulated through the networks and makes all sense, the main idea is to decentralize the Web, give greater security giving users the possibilities of total control over the use of data, explains an article by Klint Finley in the prestigious magazine Wired .
The main idea is to give individual users full control over the use of their data, but with validation, authorship and data processing through the concept of linked data.
The main startup of this project is Inrupt, according to Wired magazine: “If everything goes as planned, Inrupt will be for Solid what Netscape was for the network beginners (Web): an easy way to enter, the magazine was invited to learn about the project at Berners-Lee’s office, which revealed several concerns.
Despite all the good we have achieved, the cycle of inequality and division, captured by “powerful forces that use for their own interests,” Berners-Lee said, adding: “I have always believed that the network is for everyone. That is why I and others fought hard to protect it “and now a decisive step has been taken.
The Inrupt screen will bring together functions like Whatsapp, google Drive, Spotify and Google Drive, it seems all the same, the difference is that the control will be personal, the individual will define their priorities and strategies and not algorithms of social networks.
It’s also an emerging need because you just have to look at the screen of your cell phone or the computer, personally install few things, and we see a multitude of applications that we do not even use, it’s like a wardrobe full of old clothes waiting for an occasion that does not come.
The SOLID Project is here to stay, even if it’s a newbie and lots of it’s just a promise, it’s easy to see its viability, necessity and potentiality through MIT’s seal.


We’re getting close, but what?

17 Sep

At age 20, Carl Seagan’s book “Contact” (1985) impressed me in such a way that it never left my

Film Contact, Hormholes and AI detect.

imagination, spoke of wormholes (wormholes are possible paths for the fourth dimension), theology and search for lives on other planets, I made a road to materialism that lasted 20 years, any ilusions.

At 42´s years old, the film Contact (1987) once again impressed me, the protagonist to Ellie Arroway (Jody Foster), in the fiction era of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), I now discover that the department exists at the University of Berkeley and there they are picking up signals from a star coming from a distant star.

Curious and thought-provoking, it is precisely the phase in which I return to study Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere and search the fourth dimension, we are preparing a hologram and an Ode to Christus Hypercubus at Lisbon, just a reference of Salvador Dali’s fourth dimension.

SETI researchers from Berkeley, led by student Gerry Zhang and some collaborators, used machine learning to build a new algorithm for radio signals they identified in a 5-hour period on August 26, 2017 (pull my birthday ), but it should only be a coincidence.

Zhang and his colleagues with the new algorithm have resolved to reanalyze the data for 2017 and found 72 additional explosions, the signals do not seem like communications as we know, but real explosions, and Zhang and his colleagues foresee a new future for the analysis of radio astronomy signals with use of machine learning.

As in the film the signal needed a long time to be decoded, Turing who studied the Enigma machine captured from the German army during World War II, would love to study it today, he deciphered it. The code universe is not therefore a human artifact, space is full of it, not to say it is from any civilization, but they are there, the background radiation for example, discovered in 1978 by Penzias and Wilson, ratified the Big Bang and gave them a Nobel Prize in Physics.

The new results will be published this month in The Astrophycal Journal, and is available on the Breaktrough Listen website.  



Julia 1.0: A new computing language

03 Sep

When the scenario of computing lijaguajes no longer seemed to present novelties, an audacious project of MIT arises that can change this logic, it is the language Julia, it is unnecessary to say that it is open source.

At a London event in 2018, the JuliaCon for developers: Professor Alan Edelman, Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski and Viral Shah released Julia 1.0, Edelman declaimed at the time: “Julia has been revolutionizing scientific and technical computing since 2009,” worked since this year in a new language that combined Ruby, MatLab, C, Python, R and others besides having parallel features, artificial intelligence and easy connection with semi-structured databases. The commands are similar to the already popular C, C ++ and Java, for example, the program of calculation of the roots of the equation of the 2º. Degree:

function quadratic2 (a :: Float64, b :: Float64, c :: Float64)     

sqr_term = sqrt (b ^ 2-4a * c)    

  r1 = quadratic (a, sqr_term, b)    

  r2 = quadratic (a, -sqr -term, b)    

  # can return multiple values ​​without using the return word     ~

  r1, r2



The version released on August 7, 2018, and its stable version the next day called Julia 1.0 puts it definitively in the universe of the programming languages ​​of the present time.

The release candidate for Julia 1.0 (Julia 1.0.0-rc1) was released on August 7, 2018 and the final version one day later.

The team wrote that code that runs without warnings in Julia 0.7 will run identically on Julia 1.0. Julia uses JIT (MCJIT from LLVM) that generates native machine code directly, before a function is executed for the first time, are not bytecodes executed in a virtual machine (VM) or translated as the running bytecode, as copor example, Java, the JVM or Dalvik on Android, is even native code.

Julia is also used to drive standalone cars and 3-D printers as well as applications in precision medicine, augmented reality, genomic structures, machine learning and risk management.

As Professor Edelman said: “The release of Julia 1.0 indicates that Julia is ready to change the technical world by combining high-level productivity and ease of use of Python and R with the fast speed of C ++”, changes come there.


The fallacy of the assistant competition

14 Aug

Wizards have different roles, and in many cases can integrate and work cooperatively, is what has been happening since greater between Cortana, Microsoft’s assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, for the simple reason that they work in different markets and both can win with this since May there is a beta version.

Both are “behind” Google Assistant, but again it has a different function as it works with “Web databases”, Google is a search engine, it works on a larger basis, but this can mean more errors and more inductions to Google. mistake, because the “base is bigger” and we know, not always reliable.

Command like asking Alexa to open Cortana and work with her, is already available, and ask can also ask for tasks like “send an email” or open an application, which are great examples of different from Google Now, for example .

So much you can bring Alexa into the interface Cortana in Windows 10 and have the ‘abilities of Alexa, how to embed in the Cortana Alexa and use it with Windows skills which reduces typing tasks and interaction with applications .

The integration work between Microsoft and Amazon, which have already released a beta (test), but no company is still committed to say when end users will be able to enable and finally use the features of this integration remains in suspense, but you can follow live on a website if registering on a Microsoft website.


Is it possible measure the evolution of AI ?

30 Jul

Now it seems that yes, it is necessary to establish more precise tests and exactly the accuracy of these tests, but researchers of the Computer Vision Lab, of the Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich have created a test system (benchmark) that tests the performance of neural network´s platforms used to perform common Artificial Intelligence tasks, such as answering questions, finding certain data, and other smartphone applications already used in common neural network tasks.

The idea is to measure the performance of AI systems, such as and done on today’s computers and on applications useful in smartphones, which use Artificial Intelligence.

The basic plan + and measure the performance in the systems, as already done for some answers: time, locators, flights, restaurants, etc. and growing in complexity, which will make manufacturers and application vendors make their models more sophisticated.

The application calls AI Benchmark and allows, among other things, the comparison of the speed of AI models to run on different Android smartphones, punctuating performance, already found in the Google Play app.

The device that has the dedicated AI chip dedicated to some devices (at least with Android OS 4.1 installed already will be fast enough to do these functions.

Some applications may be more complex, for example sorting images with easy recognition and the ability to segment and improve photos, indicating that this type of application can grow and evolve to more complex applications.


Basic Questions of Semantic Web and Ontologies

05 Jul

We are always faced with concepts that seem common sense and are not, is the case of many examples: social networks (confused with the media), fractals (numbers still too generic to be used in everyday life, but important), the artificial intelligence, finally innumerable cases, being able to go to the virtual (it is not the unreal), the ontologies, etc.

These are the cases of Semantic Web and Ontologies, where all simplification leads to an error. Probably so, one of the forerunners of the Semantic Web Tim Hendler, wrote a book Semantic Web for Ontologists modeling (Allemang, Hendler, 2008).

The authors explain in Chapter 3 that when we speak of Semantic Web “of a programming language, we usually refer to the mapping of language syntax to some formalism that expresses the” meaning “of that language.

Now when we speak of ‘semantics’ of natural language, we often refer to something about what it means to understand the utterance – how to go from the structured lyrics or sounds of a language to some kind of meaning behind them.

Perhaps the most primitive part of this notion of semantics is a representation of the connection of a term in a statement to the entity in the world to which the term refers.” (Allemang, Hendler, 2008).

When we talk about things in the world, in the case of the Semantic Web we talk about Resources, as the authors say perhaps this is the most unusual thing for the word resource, and for them a definition language called RDF has been created as a Resource Description Framework, and they on the Web have a basic identification unit called URI, along with a Uniform Resource Identifier.

In the book the authors develop an advanced form of RDF called RDF Plus, which already has many users and developers, to also model ontologies using a language of their own that is OWL, the first application is called SKOS, A Simple Organization of Knowledge, which proposes the organization of concepts such as thesaurus dictionaries, taxonomies and controlled vocabularies in RDF.

Because RDF-Plus is a modeling system that provides considerable support for distributed information and federation of information, it is a model that introduces the use of ontologies in the Semantic Web in a clear and rigorous, though complex, way.

Allemang, D. Hendler, J. Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist: Effective Modeling in RDFS and OWL, Morgan Kaufmann Publishing, 2008.



AI learning with animals

03 Jul

Beavers, termites and other creatures build structures in response to environmental problems, the idea of ​​using these strategies in autonomous robots was made by researchers at the University of Buffalo. In the new system the robot continuously monitors and modifies its terrain to make it more mobile, similar to the beaver that reacts to the water flow building a dam, what kind of intelligence is this, Thomas Nagel would ask what it’s like to be a beaver?

The problem is not so simple and the algorithms must change when there are unpredictable and complex spaces, for this resorted to a biological phenomenon called stigmatics, which is an indirect co-ordination reacting to a problem, biologists and zoologists study this. Researchers using this new algorithm, equipping the robot with a camera, a specialized software and a robotic arm that lifts and deposits objects, placed bean bags of different sizes around the area, in 10 tests, the robot changed from 33 to 170 bags, each time creating new ramps to reach their destination.

A release of this work is on the University of Buffalo website, and the paper will be presented last week (June 25-30) at the Robots: Science and Systems conference in Pittsburgh.


Mixed and Virtual Reality

18 Jun

In an article entitled “A Taxonomy of Mixed-Reality Visuals”, Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino, published in the ACM Information System Magazine, coined the term “Mixed Reality” and applied it for the first time.
The article of these researchers is fundamental because they did not dodge the question what virtual reality is, and responded simply and directly by separating the virtual concept from the real, saying that “these two terms constitute the now ubiquitous basis of the term Virtual Reality” .
In this universe the intention is not so complex, but the “basic intention is that a ‘virtual’ world be synthesized by computer to give the participant the impression that this world is not really artificial, but is ‘real’, and that the participant is “really” present within this world, “say the authors in this article.
This is what made them create the term mixed reality, when talking to different researchers, realized that “dealing with questions as to whether specific objects or scenes being displayed are real or virtual, whether images of scanned data should be considered real or virtual. if a real object should look “realistic”, while a virtual one does not need it. ”
The idea of ​​Mixed Reality lies between Virtual Reality (RV) and Augmented Reality (RA), but the important thing about this idea is access to everyday life, helmets and virtual reality devices provoke a feeling of evil -established in many people, and mixed reality allows the easy and simple use of these concepts.
Summarizing mixed reality is a way of merging the real world with the virtual to produce new environments and forms of visualization in which physical and digital objects coexist and can interact in the real world in real time.
In 2015, Microsoft had an impact on the market by launching its HoloLens product, but what looked like a great strategy quickly fell into disrepute because the cost was too high, now companies like Acer. Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, and Dell are making their headsets, and Microsoft’s “Reality Viewer” environment gives these products popularity.
Milgram, P. and Kishino, F. IEICE Transactions on Information Systems, A taxonomy of Mixed REality Visual Displays, Vol E77-D, No.12 December 1994


Cicadas, bees and nets

28 May

It was studying the cris-cris of the cicadas in flocks, which are synchronized that Duncan Watts decided to study nets and found the adviser Donald Strogatz and began to study nets, the phenomena of the small worlds and the six degrees of separation, Duncan’s doctoral thesis which later became an article was “The structure and dynamics of the small-world system” (1997).
The study was a success and to this day the article is one of the most read in studies of Social Networks.
But now we have a reverse case, the bees seem to gradually lose their strength and as polemizers of nature their threat of extinction begins to worry ecologists, researchers and now also researchers in Computing.
A study being developed by the University of Exeter in the UK seeks to create a “safe virtual space” for the threats faced by bees, creating a computational model of bee population dynamics in response to variables such as pesticides, parasites and loss of habitat.
The predictive tool called Bumble-BEEHAVE was developed by Grace Twiston-Davies to be a “free and easy to use system” that “takes into account the many complicated factors that interact to affect the drones.
The + result and a secure virtual space to test different management options, this model can test “six British bee species in an environment that has multiple sources of nectar and pollen.”
“Simulation allows researchers to understand the individual and interactive effects of multiple stressors that affect the survival of the bumblebee and feedback mechanisms that can protect a colony against environmental stress that can lead to collapse,” said Juliet Osborne of Exeter. the spiral colony. ”
Seeing in Portugal the amount of pollen in the air, which causes many respiratory diseases, I began to think about this serious problem that can affect the whole of nature.