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Anxiety of Information 1

30 Sep

The second book to revisit (After Future shock), is an author who invented the profession itself and coined a word that is now present in several areas : Information Architecture .

He was an architect of fact, the author of Information Anxiety 1 , Richard Saul Wurman , wasAnsiedade1 a professor at Princeton , Cambridge and MIT , and has been a member of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in 1994 , awarded several times by the National Endowment for the Arts in  Kevin Lynch Award from MIT for creating travel guides Access.

Anxiety Information 1 contrary to what the title implies , must be understood with the subtitle as transform information into known , so one can say that the anxiety anxious to speak , must understand it within the cycle of neurosis ( see our post) .

Wurman himself (1991 , p . 38 ) clarifies the issue (see the date that is early in the Web ) :

” Information Anxiety is the result of the widening gap between what we understand and what we think we should understand . It is the black hole between data and knowledge , and occurs when information does not tell us what we want or need to know . ”

Returning anxiety in medical terms, the crisis begins to panic , which leads us to fear and this can limit the out of control situations and / or people who remind us something that we , this leads us to belief systems and that ” protect us ” ( I do not mean the religious, although in some cases it is just that ) , which finally lead us to these needs and ” out of control ” turn us into anxiety.

You can put this cycle as informational , but outside the scope of a neurotic illness, have a question (which leads us to a question ) that account for a reflection ( and not fear ) and resumed control of thought, ie the leads to a hypothesis (proven or not) that leads to a logical system that leads to new needs and lead us to another question ( or question , but without anxiety) .

Because this cycle is blocked or turns into anxiety ? by information overload or because it was not converted into knowledge


More future shock

28 Sep

We see a world that is increasingly globalized , i.e., a world that sees itself as the world knows thatFuture the problems and conflicts in countries previously remote now the corner of a ” maps” .

Written in 1970 , Toffler seemed to foresee the problems we have in our day to day at school :

” Consider, for example , the contrast between the ways that today’s schools deal of space and time. All students in almost all schools are carefully helped to locate themselves in space . Have to study geography . Maps , atlases and globes help us to be aware of their location in space . [ … ] However, when it comes to locating the child in time you preach a match cruel and harmful. Mergulhamo it as possible in the past of their country and in the world : you have to study the ancient Greece and Rome , the advent of feudalism , the French Revolution , etc. . ; [ … ] And then time stops . The school is about the changes tomorrow . [ … ] [ P . 415 ] for short time , the student’s attention is directed backwards and not forwards . The future , now banned from the classroom, is also banished from his consciousness , like a non-existent thing , as if there were no future. ” ( Toffler , 1970 , p . 414-415 ) .

Adds the difficulties of literature to prepare the student for the front, but does not ignore the critical sense , which of course , fundamental to the demands of change :

“We have a literature of the future for use in these courses , but we have about the future of literature , literature that is not only the great utopias but also in contemporary science fiction . Science fiction is taken into account low as inferior literature , and perhaps deserves this critical disdain . However , if we consider it as a kind of sociology of the future , rather than as literature , science fiction is of very great value , as it is a force that instills in the brain the habit of anticipation ” ( Toffler , 1970 , p . 417) .

It is not only technological problems , a culture for this ” world company ” , the political, ethical and religious , the culture of collaboration and peace ( have a culture increasingly belligerent ) and especially the idea that we can see tolerance , respect for differences and commons: oceans, air ,nature and the house itself is all that the planet .

What was the future in 1970 is now present, is that education is within the reach of this ?


The shock of the future arrived?

27 Sep

Amidst all these changes possible, but without having sufficient strength to implement them stayed in revisitingFutureShockToffler past ideas and theories, and I did not escape it.

One of the readings of my youth was the “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler, like everyone is a traitor to interpret a work, and trying to escape it, I quote the very Toffler:

“In 1965, an article published in Horizon magazine, coined the term ‘future shock’ to describe the shattering stress and disorientation that we caused to individuals by subjecting them to too much change in a short space of time too.” (Toffler, 1970 p. 8)

He will say the future shock is the danger of a real disease, “” which already suffers an ever more people. ” (Idem, p. 8) “about both those that require adaptability and cause major changes in our society” (ibid, ibid).

With this we must question the logic of speech Toffler, and asks what it also does is to “live up to these changes.” (Toffler, 1970, p. 8).

To understand this, he returns to the U.S. in period reacceleration in postwar society and sees a readjusting: “Around 1956, the United States became the first major power in which more than 50% of the workforce not agricultural stopped using jeans feature of industrial or manual labor “(Toffler, 1970, p. 20).

And it makes an important observation: “If the slowdown is a new social force, transience is its psychological equivalent, and if we do not understand the role it plays in contemporary human behavior, all our theories of personality, and our entire psychology remain hopelessly premodern. (Toffler, 1970, p. 23).

Continue reading Toffler, however, but a partial completion is growing at any price, could mean a price too high.


More about Feedspot

26 Sep

Besides basic features RSS reader such as labeling, organizing folders, shortcuts, list / expanded view, classification and FeedspotEuseveral others, the blog itself indicates three characteristics unique feature:

As for the social, it allows users to follow others and see the messages shared by them in their feed BPA, with external links, images and videos. For this you can share an article or a personal note to his followers.

As research and folders, you can search for public folders created by other users and then pass these folders, such as: technology, celebrity gossip, food, comics and many more as interest.

And we can also be shared.

The third feature is an advanced sharing, where the user may want to share one or more social networks, e.g. put your bookmarks directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Pocket Bufferapp; still having an RSS feed for your folders, tags, bookmarks or items shared.


Feedspot resurrecting RSS?

25 Sep

In January died only 26 years, the creator of the RSS (see our post) Swarz Aaron, who at 16 had already made his wonderful Feed.Feedspot

Now is the Annunciation Feedspot I have the joy of being one of the evaluators, receiving this news from one of its creators: Anu who sent me the message:

“I’d like to invite you to beta test Feedspot”

Readily accepted and asked him a release and he sent me a post from your blog.

There I read with satisfaction the mission of the new feed: “Our mission is to bring RSS back to its early glory days. For this, we are rethinking the product RSS reader and construction of an entirely new platform from scratch. RSS was never ordinary users of the Internet. “Large, bright … c’mon.

So they want to turn the “RSS reader in a social product, sharing and integrating deep social functionality in the core product. The way Tumblr blogs revolutionized the category by adding a social layer, our goal is to do exactly the same thing to the RSS reader market. ”

He added: “The aim of Feedspot is to apply the same logic to the RSS reader and do it … appealing to the mainstream. ”

The goal seems wonderful, let checking and giving more tips Feedspot.


Deal between Twitter and CBS

24 Sep

First network television, the American CBS struck a deal with Twitter to display cross-promotions on social networkingTwitterCBS and entertainment channel.

According to the site GigaOm, are shown videos of news programs and in the News Feed of micro blog, such as: ’60 Minutes’, ‘CSI’ and many other shows have small spaces on the site.

As a business model, tweets video show business and brands can still count on promoted tweets to expand the disclosure made ​​on network television.

The deal with CBS comes as the micro blog is preparing to launch its actions, its IPO to be launched in 2014, having in charge the bank Goldman Sachs, which estimates a capital estimated at $ 10 billion.

The company’s stock must be initially offered on the stock exchanges in New York, the NYSE.
Someone stumbles reinvent blogging for people who do not like stupid commercials.


Use of Big Data with Hadoop 2.0

23 Sep

As said Merv Adrian, an analyst at research of the Gardner, Hadoop 2.0 is “an important step”,Hadoop2.0 making it a technology with “an operating environment data much more versatile,” and now also works with traditional SQL tools.

Hadoop is one of several projects of the Free Software Foundation Apache, the most widely used software for servers, was built in Java, uses distributed computing HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and works with the concepts of MapReduce and GoogleFS (GFS) concepts bigdata important to treat.

The design of high-level Apache was built by a developer comunicade, that even includes Yahoo, see the wiki contributors in the Apache.

So far, though Hadoop has been used mainly to reduce huge data sets for analysis, but only in batches, not flows (Workflow) is now possible.

According to research by Gartner in 720 companies, made ​​in June, 64% were investing in bigdata, representing 58% compared to last year, and Hadoop 2.0 promises a simplified treatment for small and medium enterprises in control of Workflow.


The new version of iOS7

21 Sep

Announced in June this year, the new version of iOS7 is available from 18/09.iOS7

The output of the vice president of Apple, Scott Forstall, the man going to design Jony Yve, in my view the great play of devices Appel, being the most significant change indicates that this new version, the design, already criticized by some as very childish, but is also more intuitive and less complicated.

A good example of this is that the quick menu, besides the photo feature, also has a flashlight, a calculator and clock, which is accessible at the screen saver.

The Facetime is also more practical and simple conversations are the increasingly common use.

The design of the icons, with new color choices, favoring more cheerful tones and clear, and coming to the minimalist look of the screens, mainly white, took a clean tone.

Personally I still opting for Androids, more robust functionality and greater number of developers of free applications



Sales of tablets grow in Brazil

20 Sep

The institute IDC Brazil, selling tablets in the second quarter of this year in the country soared reachingtablets a growth rate of 151% over the same period last year.

Compared to notebooks data already approaching, April-June, the tablets reached 35% of the total while the notebooks had 38% of sales in the quarter and 27% were desktops.

As for operating systems, 95% of tablets sold are Androids, and equipment priced up to R$ 500 (U$ 230), had 55% of the total, showing a drop in price, since the same period in 2012, the ceiling price was R$ 628 (U$ 300).

The expected tablet sales in the Brazilian market in 2013 is estimated gora up with an expectation of 7.2 million units, 120% more than 2012.

In total, Apple has sold 14.6 million iPads in the country, but the fall of this year of 14%, shows that the Androids must overcome the total number of equipments of the enterprise Apple.


Apps for free SMS

19 Sep

I already blogged earlier this year about the growth of WhatsApp, app to send free SMS quite popular,WeChat2 which recorded more than 18 billion messages at the beginning of the year.

But now a competitor gained weight the WeChat, who claims to have reached the milestone of 100 million users and the service is already among the most popular AppStore, but is available for all platforms.

The Chinese company Tencent, says that the advertising campaign starring Lionel Messi and version 5.0 that fell in popular taste, leveraged the application.
There are some interesting differences: the feature “get people” shows a list of the closest users with whom you can talk, and you can filter the search by sex, has a role similar to that of a Walkie Talkie for two people talk, and you can also chat with video, and has almost all the features WhatssApp.

Disadvantages: the scheme to turn the conversation on PC is somewhat complicated and requires reading QR codes, have figurines similar to Facebook, but the packages are priced at $ 1.00, and the main course is the number of users it is still unpopular in Brazil, 100 million worldwide, for a network is still little.